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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Mum38 on 2022-05-07 15:35:31

Well the other day after school, we had some fun with Kyle! He got changed out of his school uniform into a t-shirt and fairly thin shorts. We then told him to stand up against a wall in his room, with his legs spread and hands on top of his head. We then started shooting his nuts with an old air soft gun! We caught him dead on sometimes, which made him scream! We let him double over, but we wouldn't let him hit the floor, which he didn't like! He kept moaning "oh my balls!", and "ooooooorrrrrrrrr!! My nuts!". Poor Kyle!

Posted by CathleenSmith on 2022-05-07 20:56:51

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Posted by mum321 on 2022-05-08 18:29:31

Hi everyone

It sounds like you're having lots of fun with your son's! I love how you hit them in the balls just for fun! It's so funny hitting a boy between the legs though, I really can't blame you lol!

I'm mum myself to two girls and a boy. The girls are Becky, 13 and Kelly, 8 plus the boy, Tom, 11. We hit him in the balls a lot, just for fun! Sometimes we'll hit him in the nuts for punishment, but mostly just for fun! The girls will sometimes play a game to see how many times they can hit Tom in the nuts in a certain amount of time, or who can make him hit the floor first and sometimes they'll just surprise him with random nut shots, like he'll be walking down the hallway, and one of them will jump out of a bedroom door and catch his balls! Or they'll be sat on the sofa and just randomly hit him in the nuts for no reason other than entertainment!

If you're interested, I'll share some stories with you soon :-)

Posted by mum323 on 2022-05-08 21:16:12

Hello mums!

I also like to read about boys being hit down there. It's so much fun and they do a lot of funny faces ahahah

I have four daughters and two sons so one ball for daughter ;) The girls love to kick the boys in their balls and i help out by forcing the boys to wear nothing but underwear from down the waist. There is a rule in our house: if you have a pee pee you don't need to wear pants!

They play a game were the boys run all around the house and the girls chase after them trying to hit their balls with ladlefuls! One point if you hit the younger and two points if you hit the older.

I have plenty of funny stories to share!

Posted by George38 on 2022-05-16 08:39:30

I've just come back from a holiday with my mum, auntie Jane and cousin Elizabeth. Me and Elizabeth shared a room in the caravan. My nuts didn't stand a chance against them! All three of them hit me so many times during the week! They played a game, a little like a TV game show, where one would ask questions, and whichever got the answer right would get to take a shot at my balls! I was standing against a wall, legs spread and my hands behind my head. They kicked, kneed, punched, smacked and elbowed my nuts and giggled at my pain!

One night, Elizabeth got into bed with me, claiming she couldn't sleep. She cuddled up with me for a while, and I was just about to drift off to sleep when I could feel a hand touching my balls. She started playing with my nuts, and before long she pulled my boxers down, and sat between my legs. She then started slowly jerking me off! I was rock hard by now! She carried on, tickling and playing with my nuts now and then too! She even put my d!ck in her mouth and blew me for a little while, which felt so good! Eventually, I shot a huge load of $%!@ out onto my chest and legs, and on her hands!