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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-04 18:34:44

I'll have to get some sandpaper soon then and rub it on my son's genitals before long then! Sounds like lots and lots of fun!!

Yes my son does have some public hairs, but he doesn't have many hairs on his body! He's got nice legs and a nice chest, with barely any hairs, a few hairs on his armpits and some pubic hairs, but I do sometimes shave his pubic hairs off so it's easier to squeeze his balls!

Have you realised I like squeezing his balls the most yet?!

He's sat on the sofa next to me right now, and he's completely naked with the ring around his willy, and he's very hard! Sometimes I stroke his willy to keep him hard and to tease him a little bit! It's fantastic looking at his willy just sat there pointing straight upwards, hard as a rock!!

Do you want me to give his balls a squeeze from you?!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-04 18:49:52

Yeah that's basically the same as my brother, but he has a little "snails trail" between his belly button and his crotch, which when I shave his pubic hairs off, I shave off too!

Yeah I've noticed you like squeezing your son's balls the most!! I quite like squeezing my brother's balls, but I also like punching and kicking them! Have you ever bitten your son's balls? I've never tried it on my brother, but one of my friends said she did it to her brother once and she said it was lots of fun feeling her brother's testicle pop in her mouth!!

Yes I bet it is very fun looking at your son's willy with the ring around it, and as hard as a rock! Yes please do give his balls a quick squeeze from me, and also give his willy a squeeze from me, and tell me how his willy reacts! I bet it's great watching him getting frustrated with all the attention on his willy, because he knows he can't relieve himself and the ring wouldn't make it very easy! Any chance you could take a photograph and send it to me?!

My brother and I are going to go to the beach in a minute, and hopefully it'll be very quiet so I can have some fun playing with his balls on the beach! Would you like me to do anything to them from me?!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-04 18:57:34

No I've never bitten my son's balls yet, but I can imagine it would be quite fun! Did your friend actually pop her brother's balls, as in, rupture them, or just chew on his testicle for a little while?!

I've given his balls a hard squeeze from you, and he bent over and groaned in pain. I then squeezed his willy really hard for you, and afterwards it recoiled upwards, and he was moaning in pain! I then stroked his willy and it bounded around and looked really excited, and I could tell my son was frustrated that he couldn't "relieve himself". I moved the ring around his willy to tease him, and make him think I was taking it off, and then flicked his willy and it moved around, but recoiled to the same position, rock hard, and pointing straight upwards!! I've taken a photo, so can you give me your email address and I'll email it across?!

Could you give your brother's balls a good hard squeeze from me please, as well as perhaps the odd kick! Try opening up his pants and pouring sand down them, and then squeeze them! Take some photos for me too lol!!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-09-04 20:45:29

No I don't think my friend destroyed her brother's balls, but I know she definitely chewed on them at least for a little while!

Thanks for squeezing his willy and balls for me, and thanks for telling me how he, and his willy, reacted! Is he still sat next to you with the ring on his willy? Would you make him sit like that next to you all day do you think?

Yeah we went to the beach and there was no one around at all, so we found a spot and I told my brother to take his shirt, shoes and socks off! He refused saying it was cold, and I grabbed his balls and told him to do it, and he soon gave up the fight! I kicked his balls several times, as well as punching and squeezing them, and I did give him a super hard squeeze from you! I also laid him down on the sand and stomped on his balls twice, and then I sat on them! I did get two handfuls of sand and poured it down his pants and then gave them a good squeeze! It was really really good fun!

My email address is mad.woman@gmail.com! I did take some photos of my brother on the beach tonight, would you like me to send them across?

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-09-05 06:46:57

Yes he was sat with the ring on his hard willy for a long time yesterday, and it was such good fun! I kept stroking his willy to tease him, and see him get more and more frustrated. I also moved the ring around his willy to make him think I was taking it off, and then I'd put it back in the same position and flick his willy to watch it bob around!! I think I probably could make him sit like that all day if I wanted to!

Thanks for giving your brother's balls a hard squeeze from me! I bet you had lots of fun on the beach last night with him!

It's my son's first day back at school today after the summer holidays, and guess what? I've already had to wake him up because he overslept his alarm! I just pulled the blankets off him and gave his nuts a quick squeeze and he was soon out of bed!

My email is sophia198@gmail.com, so yeah, please do send the pictures across to me as it would be great to see! I'll send the photos of my son soon too!