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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Mum_of_two on 2020-10-24 20:45:24

Hi Michelle! It sounds like you and Amy had sooooo much fun with Harvey for his birthday then! I love how you pushed pins and needles into his willy and balls haha! Have any of Amy's friends ever come over and "played" with Harvey?!

We've had some fun with poor Ben recently! We played a game called "rock, paper, scissors" (but with a twist!). Ben was blindfolded and Sophie shouted "rock, paper, scissors" and then they drew their bets! If Sophie lost, she stroked Ben's willy, and she even licked and kissed it a few times! If Sophie won however, she got to hit Ben in the balls! He took quite a few punches, slaps and kicks to his naked balls! Sophie enjoyed the game and it was fun to watch, but Ben seemed to enjoy it when he won the most! You'd think he'd be used to having his balls hurt by now haha!

Then the other day we played another fun game with him. This was called "target practice". We used a nerf gun we still have from when Ben and Sophie were younger. We tied Ben up to his bed, arms tied above his head and legs tied to the bottom, and spread! We sellotaped his willy to his stomach to keep it out the way, and then started shooting his balls with the nerf gun! Some of the hits missed, others just about got his balls, but some got his balls dead on! We made sure to do a few "close range practice" shots too! We made sure both his nuts got hit at close range, which seemed to cause him a lot of pain! His moans and groans were so cute haha!

We also played a couple of games of "the Benjamin monument", which I'm sure Ben enjoys as much if not more than me and Sophie! He's always rock hard within seconds! Sophie made the Lego and Playmobil characters walk all around Ben's junk. Some stood near his balls and were commenting about how long they hung in his sack, while others were walking around the base of his willy! His willy was twitching and throbbing, and you could tell he was loving it! I think he came close to losing his load the first time too haha!

The second time, Sophie made what she called a "viewing platform" from Playmobil scaffolding and put it just in front of Ben's junk between his legs. She said this was a new edition to the monument, and was the viewing platform, where people could look at the monument from above. She pretended some characters were talking to each other saying "Benjamin's pen!s must have been rock hard" and "you can see the foreskin and it looks so real" haha! Then for what she said was a "late night special show", people lined the viewing platform to see a new feature. She wrapped her fingers around Ben's willy and moved his foreskin up and down, up and down! The crowd went wild at the sight! Sooner or later though, Ben started to moan! I looked at Sophie and winked. She continued and within seconds, Ben shot a large load of $%!@ all over his chest and Sophie's hand! The crowd went wild and even Sophie was giggling!

Posted by ShannonR32 on 2020-10-27 15:29:44

I hit my little brother in the balls all the time haha i'm 13 and he's 11. His reactions are so funny and cute when he gets hit in the balls lol just the way he moans, grabs his balls and sinks to his knees haha! I hit him for fun but i also hit him in the balls when i'm angry or upset!

Posted by Mother-Steph on 2020-10-27 17:14:01

Hi Michelle! How's Harvey's stuff after all the abuse they took for his birthday?!

We've had some more fun with Ethan recently! It's half term this week so the kids are around more! On Friday after school, the girls took Ethan up to Isabella's bedroom and painted his balls like a target and then started shooting his balls with an old nerf gun we've still got. Ethan was screaming and moaning as the girls took shots at his balls! They shot his balls at close range too which must have been hilarious haha!

Then on Sunday, me and Chloe were sat at either end of the sofa, with Isabella sat on the floor in front of us and we asked Ethan to come and sit in the middle between me and Chloe. We played "the boner game" with him, where basically, we got him hard and then tested him to see how long he'd keep his erection! Once he was hard, we pinched, slapped, squished and gently squeezed his balls to test how long he'd stay hard! He did very well, but while me and Chloe were abusing his balls, Isabella was sure to touch, stroke and tickle his willy to keep him hard haha!

Then today, my sister came round with Olivia! The girls had a lot of fun with poor Ethan! Chloe got him to do star jumps in front of us and we all giggled as his stuff bounced around as he jumped up and down! Then we took Ethan to his bedroom and made him lay on his back on his bed. Olivia sat on his bed between his spread legs! The girls encouraged her to hit him in the balls and she punched, smacked, slapped and elbowed his balls and then Chloe showed her how to pinch his balls between her fingers! Chloe used Ethan's left ball and showed Olivia how to pinch it! Olivia then had a go and pinched Ethan's balls with her little fingers haha! Then Chloe showed Olivia how to squeeze Ethan's balls! She demonstrated by squeezing his balls and then she held Ethan's balls in place whilst Olivia tried squeezing his balls in her hands! Because of the size of his balls compared to her hands, she had to use both hands on each ball individually! It was so much fun watching her squeezing Ethan's balls, followed by his cute moans and groans haha!

Posted by Jennifear on 2020-10-30 07:06:34

OMG Steph, Haha! That's soo funny. Imagining the little girl playing with Ethan's balls! Did she also play with his rod? I think it must be hilarious and embarrassing for Ethan to see her batting and slapping his dink around. As for punishment I still support the idea, that the humiliation is more effective than the actual pain. It goes deeper into the brain of the boy. Also balls get more resilient after a while. So I am a strong supporter of embarrassing punishments.

@all: Sorry that I am so inactive at the moment, I am so happy to read your stories and that you still have fun with your boys.

@Mum76: I am curious to hear more of you. Please share your stories with us!

@Mum Of Two: The Benjamin Monument is still one of the funniest ideas I ever heard. So many opportunities. Maybe it should have some renovations in the future, when it has to be scrubbed clean and repainted. And to the grand opening with fireworks having a sparkler in the tip and some firecrackers lit LOL

Oh, and one thing about the Nerf guns.... ever tried to stick some needles in the ammo? That's what my nieces did to the guns once. Besides it being a bit dangerous it might be an idea

Posted by Mummy_Michelle on 2020-10-30 12:40:51

Hi mum-of-two! Harvey's birthday was a lot of fun (well, for me and Amy at least haha!). She especially enjoyed pushing the pins and needles into his balls and willy! She asked if we could do it again soon! She hasn't had friends over for a while but earlier this year her best friend came round and they had a little bit of fun with a certain naked Harvey haha!

I love the "rock, paper, scissors" game Sophie played with Ben, as well as "target practice". Shooting his balls at close range sounds good as well! I can imagine his reactions haha! Poor Ben! Then the monument games are always hilarious but I love the viewing platform idea! I love Jennifear's idea of a special opening night with fireworks haha!

Steph, Harvey's stuff seems fine after all the abuse on his birthday! We still smack it around but it hasn't had an long lasting affect on him! I love some of the things you girls got up to with poor Ethan recently! I love how Olivia gets involved in the act and how Chloe taught her to pinch and squeeze his balls!

We had some fun with our Harvey yesterday! We tied him up to his bed first thing, arms above his head and legs spread. We told him we were going to rum some "special cream" on his genitals, which helps keep them moisturised! Harvey seemed a bit confused but went along with it. What we didn't tell him was that the "special cream" was in fact toothpaste! We rubbed some on his willy and on each ball! We then left him for a few minutes and then the pain started setting in! He was moaning, groaning and twitching as he couldn't nurse his stuff as he was all tied up! Me and Amy were giggling and mocking him! After about 5 minutes we untied him and let him go to the bathroom to wash the toothpaste off his junk!