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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Mum-of-two on 2020-06-24 22:01:21

Yes you should really try the drum kit game on Harvey, and stretching his balls out haha! You and Amy would love it!

We don't let Ben $%!@ without supervision!

I love the story of Amy exploring Harvey's not-so-private parts, and using him as her own personal amusement park that night last summer! Sounds like she had a lot of fun with him! Have you got any other stories to share?!

Posted by Mummy_Michelle on 2020-06-29 15:01:59

Hi mum-of-two, sorry I haven't posted recently.

We have tried a few things on our poor Harvey recently! We made him stand up against a wall in the living room, legs spread and we tied his hands behind his head. He was, of course, naked! We then took turns pulling on his nuts! We held them in our hands, sometimes one nut at a time and other times together, and pulled down on them and tried to stretch his sack out! Amy was in hysterics the whole time! Harvey was moaning and groaning haha!

We then decided to try what a lot of other people have tried on here before. We took him into the downstairs bathroom. I held his hands behind his back and we spread his legs. Amy then took his toothpaste and rubbed some on his nuts! Within a few minutes he was moaning and trying to jump around! He tried to move his hands to his poor balls but we stopped him! "Ahhhh, please, my balls!" he moaned and "ahhhhhh, my balls are burning!" haha! After a little while, we helped him wash the toothpaste off his balls. Just as he thought it was all over though, Amy held his hands behind his back and we spread his legs again. I then took his toothpaste and did my best to squirt some down his pee hole! It wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be but we got there! And again, after a few minutes, the pain set in! "Ahhhhhh, please, ahhhhhh, my $%!@!" he moaned while Amy and I mocked him! Poor Harv!

Then today we decided to use the pins and needles on him! We used some pin board pins, threading needle and some which were amusingly called ball point needles! We tied him to his bed, ankles tied to the bottom of the bed and his wrists tied above his head to the headboard. We started pushing the pins and needles into his willy and his balls! His moans and groans were hilarious! We didn't push them in too far as we didn't want to cause any permanent damage, but we did try pushing them in as far as we dared! Poor boy haha!

Posted by MummyMills on 2020-06-29 16:04:58

Last night after Jamie had had a shower he came downstairs wearing just his socks and boxers. He sat on the sofa next to me and we were watching something on TV. After a little while, I moved across and sat next to him and started teasing him. Within a few minutes, there was a suspicious looking bulge in his boxers. "Hmmmm...what have we got here then, young man?!" I teased him! He was embarrassed and tried to hide his little friend! I pushed his hand away and ran my finger along the length of his member! He was embarrassed and again tried to cover himself. I pushed his hands away and carried on touching his willy! I ran my finger along his length, and stroked the tip of his willy! "Are you going to introduce me to your little friend?!" I teased him. He didn't know what to say so I started to very slowly undo the button on his boxers. He tried to wiggle away but I stopped him! As soon as I undid the button his willy popped out, full of life! "Oh hello, who's this then?!" I teased him. I started stroking his willy and running my finger along his length. I lent down and gently blew breath over the tip! His willy twitched like mad! The skin on his willy was soft, but his willy was rock hard! I carried on teasing him until he was just about to $%!@, when I stopped, and put his $%!@ back in his boxers and buttoned them up! He seemed more confused than ever haha!

Posted by Shrop on 2020-06-29 20:43:14

MummyMills it is good that you are enjoying Jamie's willy. I hope that you are intending continue to enjoy it and Jamie's frustration. Is Jamie allowed to $%!@e to orgasm or is that prohibited to him? At his age he will be tempted to excessive $%!@ion and that habit needs to be broken and kept that way. For my godsons in the days before cheap chastity cages or $%!@ protectors were available they used to have their willys and balls disciplined. So they were regularly sore because they had orgasmed with out permission. To discourage them they normally had to wear $%!@ rings around their balls and $%!@, when they complained it pulled on their pubic hair they were told either to put up with it and no touching anything in front of the ring or to shave all their hair from the navel downwards. Of course the then looked like a nine year old and nine year olds don't $%!@e or orgasm. I strongly suggest you get Jamie a chastity cage to prevent him developing bad habits with his willy and balls. By the end of summer he should be used to the cage and not be complaining.

Posted by Cindy13 on 2020-07-07 07:23:06

Hi I'm new here, my name is Cindy and I'm 13 y.o, i really loved reading the posts. I live with my mom and my little brother who's 10 years old. We punish his butt or his butt too sometimes, but i love teasing his little willy lol. It is like too small and cute, yesterday I had him tied naked to the living room bed for most of the day, I tickled pinched and slapped his peepee and he was all embarrassed and moaning xd. We keep him naked in home most of the day, it's been that way since dad is gone about a year ago or more, it's so funny specially when my mom helps me"torture" his willy lol. I hope to be writing again very soon