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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Jessica328 on 2020-05-16 19:50:22

Hey mum of two it sounds like you and sophie had a lot of fun with poor ben recently then! Shooting him in the balls with the nerf gun with clipboard pins glued to the bullets sounds like a lot of fun but i bet it was painful for him! Then pinching the tip of his willy so he couldnt $%!@ properly was so cruel haha! I can imagine sophies reaction when you told her your idea lol! Sticking the pins and needles into bens junk sounds like so much fun!

Helen it sounds like yoiuve had your fun with callum as well recently! Poor boy not getting to $%!@ properly! Your so mean haha!

As for me and elliot well the other day mum had to go to work in the evening again so it was just me and elliot for a few hours. We played a game called cops and robbers. Elliot was on the run from the police but i caught him! I told him to stand up against a wall in the living room with his hands behind his head and legs spread slightly. I told him i needed to search him. I patted him down and patted his balls which made him wince! "What have you got here?!" i teased him. "nothing officer" he said haha! "I need to strip search you. Please come with me" i said and took him into my bedroom. I told him to strip naked which he did and the second his boxers hit the floor i shot him in the balls with the nerf gun! "Ahhhhhhhh $%!@" he moaned! He tried to flal to the floor but i pished him back up and shot him three more times in the junk! "Ahhhhhhh $%!@, my balls, ahhhhhhhh" he moaned haha!

Then the following morning i sneaked ino his bedroom first thing. Mum was still asleep and elliot was only half awake! I knelt down next to his bed and started teasing him with my hands near his crotch! He only had his socks and boxers on as always! I moved my hands under the blankets and started stroking his inner thighs! He loves that for some reason! He was rock hard and i could feel his thing pushing against his boxers! I pulled the blankets off him and slowly pulled his boxers down so his thing bounced out. I didnt let the waistband smack into his balls this time just to tease him as hed be expecting it! I then started playing with his foreskin! Elliot was loving it and his thing looked so funny when i pulled his foreskin back and forth haha! I started squishing his balls between my hands to tease him! "Ahhhhh" he moaned. I didnt let him $%!@ but i think he was very close haha!

Then last night mum was at work again for a few hours but wanted us in bed by 10pm. We went up at 9pm as i wanted to have som fun with him! He got ready for bed and was in his socks and boxers again! I went into his bedroom and started to tease him a little. He was hard! I pulled the blankeys off him, spread his legs and sat with my legs crossed between his spread legs haha! His thing was making a nice tent shape inside his boxers! Hes a horny little 12 year old lol! I pulled his boxers down and his thing bounced out! I then took a leaf out of your book mum of two and started playing with some clipboard pins and some of mums threading needles i "borrowed" haha! He seemed confused at first but then realised what i was doing when i started pushing them into his balls and his thing! "Ahhhhh" he groaned! His junk did look pretty good with them though! I pushed some of the needles down his foreskin to tease him! Poor elliot! I took them all off and then massaged his balls and stroked his thing to reward him! He started to $%!@ after about 2 minutes haha but i made sure he emptied his load properly! Mum came home about a minute after i finished playing with him! I think he still had his boxers round his ankles when she came in lol!

Posted by willingtotry on 2020-05-22 15:18:56

What a pathetic sorry excuse for a mother. Need to grow up , too bad he doesn't kick you back between the legs or twist your $%!@ so hard you cry. Could actually permanently injure him.

Posted by mavepop on 2020-05-23 17:12:37

thanks a lot

Posted by Kim8885 on 2020-05-31 05:50:35

Hey there mums and girls! Is someone still around?

Posted by YieSharae on 2020-06-04 02:03:14

Hmm. Interesting. Why didn't I see this post before? I definitely have much to say!