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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-07-28 15:34:55

Hi Kelly, sorry for the lack of activity recently. It sounds like you've had fun with your son and sounds like you enjoyed hitting him in his balls in front of his friend! Do you know if his mum hits him in his balls too?!

Jake321, that sounds pretty cool and I'm sure your mum and sister enjoy hitting you in the balls! Have you got any more stories to share with us?!

Mackenzie9151, that sounds really cool having your friends hit him in the balls with a flyswatter as part of the game!

As for me and my son, well, he finished school last Friday at lunchtime so I was still at work. He went home and then went out with some of his friends but when he came home I asked how his last day had been and he said fine. I then gave his balls a quick slap and he went off to do something. Yesterday, some of my friends were coming over and I told my son we'd probably hit him in the balls a fair few times again! I once again got him to strip down to just his socks and boxers (black socks and light blue boxers) and my friends loved it! They were punching, kicking, kneeing and even squeezing my son's balls! It was really funny!

Then this morning, it has been raining for most of the day here, so I got out of bed first thing and was surprised to see my son in the kitchen making himself a drink (it was 8am). He was wearing just his white socks and black boxers. I gave him a hug from behind but then sneakily reached down and squeezed his balls through his boxers! It was very funny! Then I've been hitting him a fair few times in the balls all day today. It's really funny!

Posted by Kelly308 on 2017-07-30 15:21:28

Hi Lisa! I know his mum has hit my son in the balls when she's come round before, so I would guess she hits her son in the balls, at least occasionally, but I don't know for sure. Next time I see her I'll ask and then let you know!

Sounds like you and you friends all had fun with your son, and his balls, the other day then! And it sounds really cool giving him a hug from behind but then reaching down, grabbing and squeezing his balls! I'll have to try that with my son, especially if he just has his boxers on or something!

As for me and my son, well yesterday it was raining for most of the day, so we decided to have a fairly boring day at home doing a lot of sorting out and tidying up! Obviously, I hit him in the balls many times during the day and it was so funny! At one point I made him lay on his back on his bed and spread his legs. I then unzipped his jeans and grabbed his balls through his boxers. I then squeezed them pretty hard for a few minutes and it was so funny!

Posted by imbareforu on 2017-08-04 14:15:04

I can confirm that spanking a male on his testicles is a very humiliating and effective punishment as I received that from my aunt and cousins growing up.

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-08-12 18:06:04

Hi Kelly. Have you found out if your son hits her son in the balls yet?!

Yes it was lots of fun giving him a hug from behind and then reaching down, grabbing his balls and giving them a little squeeze!

Sounds like you've had lots of fun with your sons balls, what have you got up to recently? Sorry I've been inactive for a little while, I've had a lot on and I haven't had much time for this sadly! Obviously, throughout it all, I've hit my son in the balls a few times! He's offered me his balls a couple of times to make me feel better and he even allowed me to squeeze them through his boxers one morning! It was really funny and did cheer me up!

Another time he was in the shower and I decided I needed cheering up. When he came out, he was in his bedroom and I called him into the front room and said it was urgent. He came out with just a towel wrapped around his waist. I called him over to where I was sat, and made him stand in front of me and spread his legs slightly, and I grabbed his balls and squeezed them! It was super funny and really did cheer me up!

One day my friends came over and I made my son strip down to just his socks and boxers. We then made him stand in front of us and spread his legs. He just had his white socks and grey boxers on. We hit him several times in the balls, anything from punches and pinches, to knees and kicks! Some of my friends squeezed his balls too! It was pretty funny and we all enjoyed ourselves!

Posted by Kinghuss2 on 2017-08-20 22:54:07

Why are you allowed to do this. how do you not get in trouble