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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-07-11 16:11:30

Hi girls! Good to hear from you again, and sorry I haven't posted in a while, I too have been a bit busy! Anyway, Jen, I know exactly what you mean about thinking of hitting your son in the nuts, and then getting more and more excited and just counting down the minutes until he gets home and you can do it!! I've done that before! Sounds like you've had lots of fun with him this weekend!

Kelly, I'm pleased your son's balls were there when you needed them the most! You can always cheer yourself up by hitting a boy in the balls!! Sounds like you've had lots of fun with your son as well, and I love how you just casually pinched his balls on Sunday morning! I'm also really pleased you managed to make him get a boner and then pull his boxers down and slap his $%!@ and balls around! It's so much fun and even funnier when he hasn't got boxers or anything on! Did you manage to do it to him again yesterday?!

Well on Sunday, I invited some of my friends over and we were going to have like a girls night (but in the day!). I told my son he should come along too, and he agreed. Just before they were due to arrive, I told my son we would probably hit him in the balls a fair few times during the day, and he said something like "I already knew that!" so I told him to strip down to just his socks and boxers! He didn't seem surprised and went off to strip! He came out wearing just a pair of white socks and grey boxers! My friends arrived and we were talking, and they noticed my son (and how little he was wearing!) and they were laughing and giggling! I told them to feel free to hit him in the balls anytime you like, and in anyway you like! They were making him stand in front of them and spread his legs as they sat on the sofa or on chairs, and they were punching them, pinching them, squeezing them and kneeing them! It was pretty funny to watch and they all seemed to be enjoying it! Then I brought some cakes out and we made my son sit on the floor, but we gave him some cake. Every now and then me or the girls would make him lye on his back and we'd kick his balls or stomp on them! One of my friends sort of plodded them with her foot a few times! We then got talking about my son's balls, and why we all found it so funny when a boy gets hit there! After a little while of talking about this, I was beginning to get some ideas, so I told my son to go into the kitchen and make some more tea! I then told my girls my plan, and they all thought it was really funny! When he got back, he handed the cups of tea out and then we told him that we'd all decided to do something really funny (he knew what was coming). We took him into his bedroom and made him lye down on his bed and spread his legs. We then tied his hands above his head and his feet to the bottom of the bed. We were then punching, smacking and squeezing his balls through his boxers, and one of my friends kneed him a couple of times before we decided to pull his boxers down! My friends were then giggling at the sight of his $%!@ and balls and how they looked when they got hit! It was really funny and one of my friends dug her finger nails into my son's left ball pretty hard, and then into his right ball pretty hard! That was really funny! Before long though, it was time for the girls to go, and we all thanked my son for being a good sport! After they'd gone, I untied him from his bed and he asked if I'd enjoyed myself. I said "Yes very much, thanks" and he said something like "go on. One last one. You know you want to" and I kicked him pretty hard in the balls and he fell to the floor! It was really funny! He then put his t-shirt and shorts back on a little while later.

Then this evening, it has been raining here so my son came straight home from school (he spent some time with his friends after school yesterday), and when he got home he was wet a little bit! We asked each other if we'd had a good day. I then asked him if I could quickly kick him in the balls before he got changed. He said yes so I made him spread his legs in front of me in the kitchen and I kicked him twice pretty hard! He fell to his knees and then after a little while went off to get changed! He came back wearing a t-shirt and shorts (with white socks) and I asked him why he was wearing it in the rain, and he sort of said "why not". I then gave his balls a quick smack and he doubled over and groaned! So much fun!

Posted by Kelly308 on 2017-07-12 21:07:45

Hi Lisa, good to hear from you again! Yes my son's balls are always in easy reach when I need cheering up or whatever, and it's always so funny when a boy gets hit in the balls, so why not use it to cheer ourselves up?!

Sounds like you and your friends had lots of fun with your son and his balls on Sunday then! It also sounds like you've been hitting him in the balls for years, and he has gotten so used to it, that he actually knows when you (and sometimes your friends) are going to hit him in the balls, as well as offering them to you every now-and-then! Sounds like so much fun!!

This morning before my son went to school, I gave his balls a quick pinch and I gently kneed his balls as he left to go to school! When he got home, he said he wanted to go straight in the shower but I quickly slapped his balls first and then he went in! When he came out, he came to ask me something, and just had his towel wrapped around his waist, so I quickly pinched his balls through the towel, and then I quickly kneed them! I asked if I could squeeze them through the towel but he said no and ran off to get dressed!

Just now though, we were getting ready for bed, and my son had stripped down to just his socks and boxers while I was in the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, I greeted him with a knee in the nuts and when he fell to his knees I quickly kicked him in his balls! So funny! He groaned and stumbled off to bed.

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-07-12 21:23:35

I quite agree Kelly! My son's balls are also always in easy reach when I need them! Yes we had lots and lots of fun on Sunday thanks!! Yeah I've been regularly hitting my son in the balls for years now, and I think he's just got used to it over time, so now he just knows I'll hit him even if he doesn't like it! He's recently started offering his balls up like that, he never used to!

Talking about my son's balls being in easy reach, I remember at the beginning of this year when I was upset/stressed after my mum passed away, I was just using my son's balls to cheer myself up! I remember hitting him in various ways to cheer myself up, as well as sometimes making him strip down to just his socks and boxers, and then I'd hit him a couple of times with his boxers on, and then pull them down and really "inspect" them! I'd move them around, pull on them, twist them, slap them, flick them, dig my finger nails into them and some other stuff! It was really good fun and one night I was feeling particularly low, I made my son stand next to my bed as I lay in it and I pulled his boxers down and I just "inspected" his nuts, and squeezed them for a little while, and it really did make me feel better! Boys just have nuts to provide entertainment, and stress relief, to us girls!

Anyway, it sounds like you've had good fun with your son today! I love how you hit him in the balls when he just had his towel wrapped around his waist, that sounds really cool! You should have just grabbed his balls through the towel and squeezed!! I've done that before. Really good fun!

Today, I'd had a pretty easy day at work and was in a pretty good mood by the time my son got home from school. He came home and was telling me that something had annoyed him, and I'm going to phone the school tomorrow and sort it out for him. But after he'd finished his story, he just looked at me, smiled and said something like "you know you want to". He then spread his legs and winked at me! I smiled and said "I wasn't thinking about it, but let's go for it" and I kicked him pretty hard in his balls! He was still wearing his school uniform and he fell to his knees and was moaning in pain. I said "you told me to". After a little while, he went off to get changed, and I "accidentally" walked in on him while he was getting changed, he had taken his shirt off, and had just taken his trousers off (leaving him in just his bright orange boxers I told you about a few weeks ago). I looked at him and quickly grabbed his balls and gave them a little squeeze! It was pretty funny but I think he knows I sneaked in on him on purpose!

Posted by Kelly308 on 2017-07-16 18:03:44

Yes it sounds like you've had really good fun with your son and his balls over the last few years! Sounds like you had fun "inspecting" his balls like that earlier this year, and cheering yourself up like that! I do agree that boys have balls just to provide entertainment and stress relief for girls! It is great fun afterall!

Yeah it was fun hitting my son in the balls when he had the towel wrapped around his waist! Last night he had a shower and afterwards I called him into the living room because I said I needed him for something. I told him it was important. He just had his towel wrapped around his waist again. He came into the living room and I just grabbed his balls and started squeezing them pretty hard! The expression on his face was priceless and it was so funny! I'd do it again if I got the chance!

This morning I went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and my son was there making himself something to eat, and he just had his socks and boxers on, so I reached my hand between his legs from behind and pinched his balls! It was really funny! Then some of my friends came round this afternoon and we of course, hit my son in his balls a fair few times! He was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans to begin with, but we soon stripped him down to just his socks and boxers. Some of my friends made him get a b*ner and then hit him in the balls and then I pulled his boxers down and got them all to slap his d*ck around and they all found it pretty funny!

Me and my friends then got talking about popping a boy's balls and it got me thinking, would you pop your son's balls if you could? I'm not sure. It would be pretty funny to pop them, but then we'd have nothing to play with! What do you think?!

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-07-17 18:05:33

That's my girl! Sounds like you had lots of fun the other day squeezing his balls through his towel! I told you it was funny! I haven't done it for a little while, so maybe I'll try in the next few days.

Sounds like you had lots of fun with your friends yesterday then! I love how you sometimes just pinch your son's balls! Sounds like you had lots of fun stripping your son down to just his socks and boxers and slapping his d*ck around too!

As for popping my son's balls, no I don't think I would pop them because then I'd have nothing to play with! It is quite an exciting thought though, because it would be fun to pop his balls in some way, but I think I'll leave them intact for the time being! I love hitting his balls so why would I want to destroy them?!

For example, yesterday morning I walked into his bedroom first thing and he was awake and reading something. I noticed he was topless and I said good morning. He said it back and I asked if she slept well. I then sat on the edge of his bed and "accidentally" punched his balls through the thin blanket! He doubled over and groaned and I giggled! I told him what we were going to be doing yesterday and he said it sounded cool. Just as he was about to get up to get dressed, I punched his balls again and he moaned and rolled onto his side! It was really funny! As he got up I saw he just had his black trainer socks and light blue boxers on! Pretty cute too!

He got dressed (well, put a t-shirt and shorts on) and then we went out for the day. I hit his balls every now-and-then during the day and he moaned as I giggled. He even offered his balls to me at one point!

Then this morning, just before he left for school, I kneed his balls and he doubled over and then I slapped them as he left! When he got home this afternoon, it was pretty warm so he was just wearing his shirt. He blazer was in his bag. I then told him we could go to the beach if he wanted, and he said yes! I told him to get changed into something comfortable, and he came back a few minutes later wearing a t-shirt and shorts! I then gently kneed his balls and he groaned a little bit! When we got to the beach, we sat sort of half in the shade and half in the sun, and he took his shoes, socks and t-shirt off and went for a little paddle! He came back and he sat next to me and laid down on the sand. He said something like "you can hit my balls if you like" and I said "ok then, if you're sure"! I then used them as a footrest for a little while and moved my feet around to bother him! It was pretty funny!