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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by sken15539 on 2017-06-11 16:39:44

Hi Lisa.

My daughter loves it when we punish my son's balls! She loves smacking them with the wooden spoon and she also likes smacking them with her hand, and sometimes she squeezes them too, which she also enjoys! Her friends all enjoy it too and they come round sometimes to witness the punishments. They are always in fits of giggles!

As for my friends, yeah, they love taking part in the punishments. They love smacking his balls with the wooden spoon, as well as slapping them with their hands, squeezing them and punching them! They also really enjoy sitting back and watching the show, and they always laugh! They also like seeing his balls swinging back and forth when he smack or slap his balls!

Sounds like you had lots of fun with your boyfriends, and their balls, while you were growing up! Sounds like you had the most amount of fun when you were 16 and you went out with the 15 year old boy. Shame he had to move, aye! What did you enjoy doing to his balls the most?! Do you still see him, and get to hit him in the balls?

Sounds like you're now having lots of fun with your sons balls! I bet you're pleased you had a boy, as when you get stressed, or just want to have some fun, there is always a pair of balls around for you to use! What is your favourite method for hitting your son in the balls?

Jenmor932, do you hit your son in the balls just for the fun of it too? Sounds like you have lots of fun.

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-06-11 18:26:04

Hi girls. First, jenmor932, great to hear from another mother who hits her son in the balls for fun! It's just great fun, isn't it?! It does sound like you have lots of fun with your son's balls.

I've been hitting my son in the balls since he was about 8 or 9, and I've been doing it more-or-less daily ever since. When I hit him in the balls for the first time, he was more shocked than anything else. Honestly, he was shocked every time I hit him in the balls for the first three or four hits, because he thought it was an accident. Then when he realised it wasn't, he started protesting, but now I think he has got used to it, and he knows I'll still hit him in the balls even if he doesn't like it!

Yeah, I've got loads of stories about me and my son! On Wednesday when he got home from school, I just fancied hitting him in the balls, for no reason other than amusing myself! I made him stand in front of me in the living room, against a wall, and spread his legs as far as they could go. I then kicked him in the balls twice, and allowed him a few minutes on the floor to nurse himself. I then made him stand in the same position again, and I kneed him hard in the nuts twice and then I punched him hard in the balls and he fell to the floor again! I was laughing and it was really funny!

Another story would be yesterday afternoon. It was pretty warm yesterday and my son was wearing and t-shirt and shorts. Anyway, he was helping me do something upstairs and I "accidentally" slapped his balls with the back of my hand, which caused him to groan and double over in pain! I giggled a little bit! Then a little while later, we were doing something in the garden, and he was standing with his legs on either side of a spade, which I obviously accidentally managed to pick up and bring smashing up into his nuts without realising! So much fun!

Sken15539, good to hear that your daughter loves helping you with your son's punishments! I bet she enjoys punishing and humiliating her brother like that! And it's good to hear that she brings her girly friends over, and that they also enjoy taking part in his punishments! Good to hear that your friends enjoy taking part in his punishments too, as well as sitting back and watching the show! Do your daughters friends ever sit back and watch too?

Haha yeah it's fun watching a boy's balls swinging back and forth when they get slapped!

Yeah I think he was probably my favourite boyfriend! I think I liked just hitting him in the balls in general, but my favourite was probably lying next to him in bed and just gently squeezing them! A few times I grabbed both his balls, one in each hand, and squeezed each separately, left, right, left, right!

Haha yeah I was pleased when I had a boy because I knew I could hit him in the nuts in the coming years. I don't really have a favourite method as such, I just like hitting my son in the balls in various ways for the fun of it!

When was the last time you had to slap your son's balls as punishment, and do you ever let your daughter and her friends smack them for fun? Do you ever let you friends do it for fun too?!

Posted by jenmor932 on 2017-06-11 19:40:49

Does he know you do it for fun? Well he has had about five years of daily ball shots, he would have had to get used to it even if he doesn't like it. Do you regularly hit him more than once a day?!

Haha that sounds like good fun getting him to stand in front of you and spread his legs and then you just kick, knee and punch his balls! Also sounds like you had fun yesterday "accidentally" hitting him in the balls - I know just what you mean! With my son, I have regularly "accidentally" hit him in the balls in some way. I've "accidentally" punched him, kneed him or even kicked him, and made it seem like an accident!

Do you remember the first time you hit your son in the balls, and what his reaction was? What do you think your favourite part of hitting him in the balls is? I think it's the reactions that I like the best, and that's why I hit my son in the balls (and because he's the only pair around!) and his reactions make it even funnier!

Yesterday, it was warm here too and my son was also wearing t-shirt and a pair of shorts. We went for a walk near the beach and I accidentally smacked his balls with my hand, which caused him to groan a little bit and double over. Then later on in the walk, we stopped on a bench to have something to eat, and I "accidentally"slipped his water bottle into his nuts, which caused him to groan a little bit!

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-06-12 18:36:26

Yeah my son knows I hit him in his balls for fun, and he knows I enjoy it! I normally do hit him more than once a day yes, sometimes it is only once a day, but normally it's three or four times a day! Anything from little punches, pinches or slaps to full blow knees and kicks!

Haha yeah the "accidental" nut shots are always the best!

I think the favourite thing for me hitting my son in the nuts, would also be the reactions! I don't think I find the physical hitting him in the balls funny, it's just the reactions he makes that make it funny and that's why I do it!

Yeah I remember the first time I hit my son in the balls, which was about five or six years ago! I acted like it was a complete accident. He was sitting next to me on the sofa and I "accidentally" hit him in the nuts with a water bottle I was giving him! I did it on purpose to see how he reacted, but made out it was an accident, and he still believes me today!

Today I made my son get up early for school, he normally gets up at 7am to get the bus at about 7.55am but today, I got him up at 6.25am and I got him to stand in front of me in my bedroom in just his boxers and spread his legs. I then kicked him in the balls three times pretty hard, and then gave him two hard knees to the balls! He then fell to the floor and was rolling around and moaning and then after a few minutes I made him lay on his back, legs spread and flat on the floor and I stomped on his balls twice! Such good fun! Just before he left the house to go and get his bus I gave him a quick punch to the balls!

Then when he got home from school I gave him a hug and asked him how his day had been. I then sneakily kneed him in the nuts, not very hard, but enough to make him groan and double over! So much fun!

Posted by jenmor932 on 2017-06-18 18:05:18

I just love to how soft and squishy my son's balls are! They are basically just asking to be hit!! I like they way they just dangle between his legs as well! I've made him strip naked before and jump up and down in front of me and it was so funny the way his balls just dangled around between his legs!

Sounds like you had some fun with your son on Monday morning then! What did he think about be woken up early just so you could have some ball shots?!

When my son got home from school on Wednesday, he had his PE kit on because he had that last lesson, and I surprised him with two knees in the balls when we were in the kitchen! He doubled over and started groaning! I then punched him in the balls twice and then pinched them quickly! So much fun!

Then this weekend, it has been very hot here and on Saturday morning, I got up and made my son stand in front of me in my bedroom, in just his boxers and I kicked him four or five times in the balls and let him fall to the floor for a few minutes! I then made him stand up again and I kneed him twice in the balls, and back to the floor he went! I then knelt down next to him and punched him hard in the nuts three times in a row! So much fun!

Then later on on Saturday we went for a walk and we sat on the beach for a little while, and I sneakily punched him in the nuts a couple of times as we sat on the sand! He just had his shorts on as he'd taken his shoes, socks and top off! Then we went into a cafe near the beach to have some ice cream, and he sat opposite me around the table and I used his balls as a footrest! It was fun because he was having to try and act naturally while having me hitting his balls under the table! He'd put his top, shoes and socks back on by this point!

Then this morning, we were sitting on the sofa discussing what to do, and we decided to sit in the garden for a little while and then go to the beach again. We sat in the garden and I managed a few shots to his nuts! Then we went to walk to the beach and when we got there, it was really busy. We found somewhere fairly quiet to sit in and my son again took his top, shoes and socks off! I then managed a few, punches, smacks and pinches to his balls and I used them as a footrest for a little while too! So much fun!

Then this afternoon, we were sitting at home watching TV, and my son was topless and again, I managed a few shots to his balls! He asked me when I hit him in the balls so much, and I said "because it's funny sweetie". He then said "but it hurts" and I said "I know, that's the point! You'll be fine" and with that I punched him fairly hard in the balls! Great fun!