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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Shrop on 2019-05-31 21:23:19

Shannon, how long has Recce been osgaming? Have you told him that his self $%!@ing is to stop? How about getting him a chastity device so that you know he cannot wank?

Posted by SteveSon on 2019-06-01 06:37:47

Hi Shannon, I was less referring to more techniques to block his juices, but to "ruin" his orgasm. Although instead of using your thumb or tape or something, you could try pinching the tip, too. The other techniques range from simply stopping right when he is about to burst, to squeezing his marbles at this moment, to letting him ooze out by playing with his butt.

Posted by I'mPollster on 2019-06-04 03:11:28


I think you girls will like it!!!

Posted by Kelly32 on 2019-06-04 10:52:48

Hi Ana and Rebecca. What have you been up to with your brothers recently?! Has Emily stayed over recently?!

Shannon, I think it's interesting that you're blocking Reece's orgasms! That sounds like a lot of fun but I'd imagine incredibly painful/uncomfortable for him?! What else have you been up to with him recently?

As for me and my children, well we've continued to play the "nut shot game" as we call it on Jake. We've also played doctor with him. We've been giving him a once-over check and then poked his balls and asked if he felt any pain. When he says yes, we then have to check and discover some more! It's so much fun and Maddie loves it! I think sometimes she has even more fun than me plodding at his squishy balls!

When he got home from school yesterday she said she wanted to kick him in the balls. When he asked why she said "I saw a boy at school get kicked there today and it made me think of your balls and how kickable they are" haha! He took some very careful persuading but eventually stood up against the wall and spread his legs. She kicked him four times before letting him fall to the floor! She then rammed her knee into them as he was curled up on the floor!

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-06-09 13:44:59

Hey everyone sorry its been a while since i posted! Anyway it was emilys birthday on thursday so she came round to my house yesterday to celebrate! Of course she wanted to play with tyler haha! We went up to our room and we played a game of rock,paper,scissors,balls! To be fair me and emily got kicked between the legs quite a lot but not as much as tyler! It was so funny and he had joggers on so not much protection! Then emily wanted to play roshambo! Of course it hurt tyler more than us but it was a lot of fun! Then we played a game of spin the bottle. We sat in a circle on the floor and we asked questions and whoever the bottle pointed to had to answer. If you got the answer wrong tho you had to lose an item of clothing. Tyler lost his tshirt first, then i lost my top and tyler then lost his joggers! Pefect! He was in his socks and boxers! We pounced. We teased him so hed get a boner and smacked his $%!@ around inside his boxers and giggled as it bounced around! We stepped on his nutsac and squeezed his balls! Emily then wanted to treat him for being so good! We pulled his boxers down and his hard $%!@ bounced out! We both then teased him and gave him a nice slow $%!@! Just as he was about to $%!@ tho we took our hands away and left him hanging! His willy was twitching around and looked confused and tyler moaned! His willy was just sitting there rock hard and pointing at the ceiling lol!

Then later on after emily had left i started teasing tyler! He was laying in bed in just his socks and boxers. He had a boner and i started stroking his willy through his boxers. I then pulled them down and gave him a nice $%!@! Just as he was about to $%!@ tho i blocked the tip of his $%!@ with my thumb! I could tell it was uncomfortable for tyler but his reactions were sooooo funny haha!