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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by ShannonM83 on 2019-05-29 19:27:41

It sounds like your still having a lot of fun with Michael and Tyler then, Ana and Rebecca! I love how you boht acted like police officers to them first thing in the morning! I can't wait for you to try it on Connor, Rebecca! I love how you have both started teasing your brothers and not letting them orgasm! I love the "$%!@ blocking" idea as well as covering the tip of his $%!@ with sellotape! I'll have to try both those methods on Reece before long!

Kelly, it sounds like you and your daughter have a lot of fun with your son and his balls! I'd love to hear more stories from you! I love the "nut shot game" you two play with him!

I've continued to have a lot of fun with Reece! I still crush his hard $%!@ in the shower doors a lot and the other day I tied his hands behind his back and crushed his $%!@ in the shower doors. I then rubbed icy hot on his $%!@! His reactions were great fun as his $%!@ was crushed in the doors and he couldn't do very much! It was so much fun!

I've also teased him first thing in the morning when he's just got his pyjama trousers on! He gets a boner and I tease him and stroke his $%!@! He enjoys it but then doesn't enjoy it when I smack and squeeze his $%!@ very much! It's a lot of fun!

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-30 13:50:20

Rebecca what happened last night to our poor Tyler? I like how you teased him and played with his willy. I loved when you said "your willy would say otherwise" ahahahaha

Shannon i'm happy to hear again from you! You should definitely try to block Reece $%!@ it's a lot of fun!

What can i do to Michael? Do you girls have some idea?

I wanna tell you something that happened long time ago. Our big sis Veronica still lived with us at that time. I was 12 that make Michael 13 and Veronica 20. Michael used to spy on Veronica whenever he had and occasion. She was really sick about that and asked mum for help.

Mum had a great idea. When Michael was under the shower she put icy hot on every underwear Michael had. When he came in his room to get dressed we heard him screaming in pain from the kitchen. He runned downstairs totally naked covering his $%!@ with his hands. "I can't get dressed my underwears burn my... balls" he complained with mum.

"Oh my dear! That's what happen when a little boy spies on and older girl! Did you spy on someone recently?" Mum said to him. At first he didn't believe what mum said. "Did you spy on someone?" She asked again.

"I spied Veronica sometimes" he finally admitted. "Oh i see. That's why your balls are burning! To break the curse you must ask to every older girls in the house to squeeze your balls then you have to stay naked until tomorrow"

Me and Veronica couldn't believe what we heard. Michael was about to cry but asked mum and Veronica to squeeze his balls. "Ok fine do it" he said. "Micheal this is not how you talk to your mum. Now be polite or i won't do anything!"

"Mum?" He tried again. "Can you please squeeze my balls?" "Of course my dear anything for you" she squeezed his balls with a big smile on her face. He groaned in pain and double over.

Then he went to Veronica. "Can you please forgive me and squeeze my balls?" "Of course! I'll do it whenever you ask me!" But instead of squeezing his balls she kicked him ahahah. Michael insisted to have his balls squeezed or the curse wouldn't break!

During the night mum washed his underwear and he was free from the curse!

Posted by ShannonM83 on 2019-05-30 18:50:01

That sounds like a lot of fun Ana! I love how your mum squeezed his balls as punishment and told him his balls was burn if he didn't get his balls squeezed! Great way to torture and tease him! I love that he was only Reece's age too!

I've had a lot of fun with Reece this morning! I went into his bedroom first thing this morning. He was wearing just his pyjama trousers as normal! I sat down on the edge of the bed and started teasing him. I said "is your willy hard?". He looked confused and sheepishly said "no". I reached my hand under the blankets and felt his crotch. He was hard! I started stroking his $%!@ up and down through his pyjamas! I could tell he was enjoying it but he was confused! I then pulled his pyjamas down and his hard $%!@ bounced out! I carried on stroking his $%!@ but told him I needed him to tell me when he was about to $%!@. He looked confused and slightly worried! Haha! After a few moments he started breathing heavily and moaning! "Oh god. Ah. Ah. Ahhhh". I said "something wrong, Reece?!" and he said "I think I'm gonna $%!@". Perfect! Just as he he was about to $%!@ I took my hands off his $%!@ and put my thumb on the tip of his $%!@! He started to $%!@ but it couldn't get out as my thumb was blocking the tip of his $%!@! He moaned and groaned! It was a lot of fun and I think the $%!@ actually went back down inside him! After I was satisfied with the result, and my thumb somewhat covered in $%!@, I smacked his hard $%!@ around a couple of times and giggled as it bounced around all over the place!

I'll try covering the tip of his $%!@ with sellotape tomorrow morning! That one sounds like even more fun!

Posted by SteveSon on 2019-05-31 09:07:21

Hi Shannon, you've discovered something quite interesting there. Something called a blocked orgasm,which is where a boy $%!@, but his pee hole is blocked, so his juices can't escape. You're right, his juices did go back inside, but they flow into the bladder if they can't escape, meaning his pee might have some while streaks to it, the next time he has to pee. Also, as you might have guessed, it's not at all pleasant for the boy, especially if he's uncircumcised and the tip is sensitive, too. However, I don't think your idea with the tape will work, since thex don't tend to stick to skin that well. You might want to check out soap soluble glue maybe. Or you could try out other ways to ruin boys orgasms. There are a few more methods, if you're interested, we could talk more about it.

Posted by ShannonM83 on 2019-05-31 19:46:48

Hello Steve, I loved blocking my son's orgasm! It's so much fun and his reactions are hilarious! I'm going to do it more often now! What other ways can I block his orgasms? I haven't tried to sellotape yet, but I might try some kind of glue technique. Any ideas more than welcome! :)