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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-26 08:10:25

Ahahah poor Tyler! He's only a plaything for you! You hit his balls with an hammer! You're crazy and i love it!! I bet you're having a lot of fun right now. I can't wait to know what happened with the nerf gun!

Anyway helping Tyler with his homework is so nice from you! You're a nice sister afterall ahaha!

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-05-26 20:32:09

Haha well ana i had a lot of fun with tyler this morning! I wnet over to his bed and found he was half awake! I said "morning tyler" haha he didnt seem surprised to see me but said "morning becca". He only had his socks and boxers on. I then went to the cupboard and got the nerf gun and pointed it at him and said "hands up tyler, your under arrest". He put his hands up and said "please dont arrest me. Ill be good" haha. I then said "stand up and with your hands on the wall, facing the wall" he did and said something like "please dont shoot me officer, im innocent". I told him i was going to have to search him and he said "i dont have any weapons, i promise. Im in my boxers afterall". I patted his arms and then down his chest almost pretending he had clothes on. I then patted his crotch. He groaned and bent over a little bit. I said "oh what do we have here then?!" and told him to turn around. By this point he had a semi boner. I looked at him and said "what's this then? I thought you said you didnt have any weapons?!" he said "its not a weapon, its just my..." i cut him off with a nerf gun shot to his $%!@! He grabbed his $%!@, by this point fully hard and doubled right over! He moaned and said something like "please officer, i promise im innocent". I told him to stand up straight again. I then told him to stand with his hands behind his head and spread his legs nice and wide. He still had a boner. I touched his willy and flicked it twice causing him to groan. I then told him i was going to have to od a strip search haha! He protested but i pointed the nerf gun at his willy and said "we are doing a strip search or ill shoot your balls off". He gave in and i pulled his boxers down and his hard willy bounced out. I then took aim and shot his hard on! Haha it bounced around and he groaned and doubled over. Then i made him stand up straight again and i shot his balls! He fell to the floor and moaned for a while! Haha his boxers were still around his ankles. It was a lot of fun and ill have to do it with him again! Maybe ill do it with connor next time i see him too!

Then around lunchtime he was in the bathroom and i was in our room. As he came out i went up to him and said "how are your balls, ty?!" and he said "theyre ok. Your a mean cop" haha! We went into our room and i started teasing him saying "your willy is a bit like a weapon tyler" and he was embarrassed but said "what do you mean?!" and i said "well, sticking out of your boxers like that. It could have been a gun" haha i then told him that is why i shot his $%!@ and balls (it wasnt haha). I gave him a hug saying he was a good brother. He hugged back. I then gently kneed his nutsac haha! He groaned and doiubled over a bit and i kneed him again! He fell to the floor. He just had a tshirt and thin shorts on so it was easy to get at his balls!

Then we all went for a walk in the woods after lunch and i "accidentally" but very accurately hit tyler in the nuts with a stick! Haha he fell to the ground and was moaning. Mum giggled a little bit and said "oh poor tyler". We walked off leaving him there but we quickly went back (we arent that mean). Just as he was recovering and was about to get up mum stomped on his balls! She looked at me and said "i couldnt resist" haha he was moaning and groaning for a while in the woods lol.

Posted by Kelly32 on 2019-05-28 15:54:58

Hey everyone, I'm so pleased I found this site! Ana and Rebecca, I love what you're doing with your brothers! I bet you both have so much fun! Acting as police officers to them first thing in the morning sounds like a lot of fun!

I have two children, a boy, aged 13 and a girl, aged 8. We hit him in the nuts a lot! We sometimes make a game out of it! I will ask her questions, and if she gets the answers right, she gets to hit him in the nuts! Then sometimes she'll ask me questions, and if I get the answers right, I get to him in the nuts! It's a lot of fun!

I can share more stories with you girls if you're interested?!

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-29 13:41:13

Rebecca i really liked how you took my example and played cop with Tyler. I want you doing that to your cousin too lol

Some days ago i had a sleepover with Adriana. She is one of my classmates. Michael has a big crush on her! I use to tell Adriana about all the fun i have with my brother's balls and she wanted to have some fun as well!

At bed time we went in his bedroom. He was laying on the bed playing with his phone still not dressed for the night. Me and Adriana were dressed for the occasion. I simply put on a low cout tank top, a pair of lace panties and some fancy coloured socks. Adriana was wearing a pair of night shorts and a sexy bra! Michael was amazed by the sight! He tried to say something but he wasn't able to speak!

We sat at his sides. "Hi!" Exclaimed Adriana smiling at him. "H... hi... girls ...What's up?" "We're getting bored. Would you like to came in my room and play a game with us?" I said with a grin on my face.

Michael was more than happy following us in my bed room. On my bedroom's door there was a sign board. It said "boys must strip down to their underwear before enter" "Oh Michael bad news for you" i said pointing at the note. He didn't say nothing but didn't strip either. "What's wrong? Are you hiding some weapons in your clothes?" Adriana mocked him. For ours amusement he stripped down to his boxers and we entered in my room!

Adriana couldn't stand but staring at the bulge in his pants. We sat on the floor. The game we played was really simple. Each of us had to draw a card from a deck. Whoever fished the lowest card had to do a penance. However we setted the deck to make Michael lose every times lol!

The first penance was a good kick in the balls from Adriana. She made him lay on the floor and kicked his balls! He tried to concil the pain ahah. I clearly saw his balls being crushed by her foot!

For the second penance i chose to walk on him. I made sure to step on his balls ahaha.

We kept on hurting his balls for about one half hour until he understood how we tricked him with a rigged deck!

Then Adriana spoke. "Ana told me how you love $%!@s. I wonder if you'd like one from me!" Michael was super excited by the suggestion. We made him lay naked on the bed! We used some pantyhoses to tied him up on thr bed. He didn't protest!

Adriana took some tape wrapped some tight loops of tape around his balls. The tape put his balls under constant pressure! Then we enjoyed giving my brother his painful slowly $%!@! He hated it but he did that really cute look of head back eyes closed and mouth wide open.

Instead of letting him $%!@ we wrapped the tape all around his willy making sure to close the tip! Then we let him $%!@!

Kelly do you have some funny stories to share?

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-05-29 19:02:21

Haha ana i will play the police officer with connor next time i see him!

It sounds like you and adriana had a lot of fun with michael the other day then! I love how you kicked and stepped on his balls! I like how you both then teased him with a h/j but wrapped tape around his balls! I do like that cute head back eyes closed and mouth wide open look haha! Tyler does it a fair bit and i love it lol! I love how you taped up his willy as he was about to $%!@! I bet he wasnt pleased with that lol! Do you ever let him $%!@?!

Kelly it sounds like you and your daughter have a lot of fun with your teenage son! Would love to hear more stories from you haha :)

I had some fun with tyler today! He was awake before me and was sorting something out in our room. He still had his socks and boxers on. I said "morning tyler" and he said "morning" and i asked what he was doing. I teased him a little bit and rather bluntly asked if he had morning wood! Haha i could tell he was surprised but said "no". I then got out of bed and made him lay on his back on the floor and spread his legs. I sat on his knees and started teasing him with my cleavage haha he started to get a boner! I started flicking his balls! He winced and groaned "ow my balls"! He still had a bit of a hard on so i turned up the teasing and said "do you like it when i flick your balls" and he said "not really" and i said "your willy would say otherwise" haha! I then smacked his willy through his boxers twice and giggled as it bounced around inside his boxers! It was a lot of fun. Then we got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

It has been raining here today so me tyler and mum went round the shopping centre for a little while. Haha i pinched tylers balls through his joggers a few times to tease him and i gave them a little squeeze at one point too haha!

Then just now i took him up to our room and laid him down on my bed. I teased him so he had a boner and stroked it through his joggers. I then stripped him down to just his socks and boxers and carried on playing with his $%!@ through his boxers! Then i suddenly pulled his boxers down and his $%!@ bounced out! I started giving him a nice h/j but then just before he was about to $%!@ i took my hands off his $%!@ and squeezed his balls super hard haha! His willy looked all confused and twitched a bit! It was so funny and his reactions were great! Im going to try taping his willy and balls up tonight haha