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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-05-24 20:28:33

Hey ana! Long time no see haha! I love that your gonna lock michaels willy up in a cage lol! I bet you will have lots of fun with him over the summer! Dont forget to tease him so he gets a boner in his cage that will be really painful for him lol!

I hope you are still smacking his balls around all the time and teasing him with your boner checks and such like haha! Ive still got tylers nutsac until my full and constant control! He still has his balls squeezed before bed every night as well as getting them whacked around during the day haha! His balls were nice and loose in his sac yesterday after he had a shower and were just asking to be squeezed haha!

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-25 08:13:57

Hi Rebecca! Yeah it will be a great summer for Michael!! Of course i keep on playing with my brother's $%!@ lol!

Every morning it's time for a boner check! I go to his bedroom while he's still in the bed just to see if he's hard!

I love how you still have Tyler under your control! If Tyler were my brother i'd love to torture him every single day! Did you and Emily have some fun sleepovers recently! I'd love to hear the story! I can share something too!

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-05-25 09:55:12

Hey ana haha i bet you will have a great summer teasing michael! Make sure to really tease him about his $%!@ being locked up with no place to go lol! I like your morning boner checks! I bet he nearly always has one haha!

Yeah emily has stayed over once more since i last posted! Haha it was a great night. We teased tyler so much haha! We whacked his balls around, squeezed his balls and stood and stomped on his nutsac as well as teasing him when he had a boner and squeezing his balls hard as he was about to $%!@ or blocking the tip of his willy with my thumb so his $%!@ had nowhere to go but back inside him haha!

Another time recently i was sat next to tyler on the sofa and mum was out. I started teasing him and before long he had a boner! I touched the bulge through his joggers and teased him a bit! Then i dropped some sewing weights into his crotch a few times! Haha that was really funny and his reactions were great!

Would love to hear more stories from you :)

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-25 14:47:27

Some weeks ago on sunday i went to Michael bedroom to wake him up. I found him sleeping only in his boxer with no blankets!

I sat on the bed and whispered in his eras to make him wake up. When he opened his eyes he wasn't surprised to see me.

"Goodmorning sis. what time is it?" "It's half past ten. Mom would be mad with you if she find you still in bed" He sat on the bed still a bit sleepy. I noticed his softair gun on his desk. Without thinking i grabbed the gun and pointed it at him. I said "weenie up you're under arrest ... i mean hands up!"

He smiled at my joke and lifted his arms. "Please i'm innocent don't shoot at me!" Since he was collaborating i decided to have some fun!

"Hands on the wall. I have to search you!" I ordered acting like a cop. "Ahaha always with your silly game sis!... i don't have any weapons i swear!" Michael put his hands on the wall. "I'm bearly naked afterall ahaha" it looked like he was really enjoying my silly game. I wonder why!

I stroked his chest pretending to search under some imaginary clothes. Eventually i touched his balls through his boxers. He winced a little! "Well well well what do we have here? Turn around!" He turned to face me now he was a little embarrassed but visibly excited!

I leaned the gun on his hard on and said "bang!" He swallowed! I squeezed his balls a little! I can't stand squeezing them when they are so close to my hands! Then i moved some steps away and aimed his balls! "Hands on sight and open your legs!" I said. We stared into each other for a bit before he realized what i was aiming!

"No wait..." too late Michael tried to cover his crotch. I' ve already hit the target! He went on the floor groaning in pain!

Ahaha it was a lot of fun! Surly it was for me!

Lately in the afternoon i asked Michael how his balls were. He said he was ok. I acted like i was sorry for what i did and offered him and $%!@! He was super excited! "Go in my bedroom strip yourself naked lay down on my bed and wait for me!" I said. I made him wait for an half hour!

When i entered in my room i saw him naked on my bed with his $%!@ hard! I sat on the bed. "Why did you take so long?" He asked looking quite upset. I stroked his chest. "I still have to do my homework. If you want your $%!@ you have to wait a bit longer!" I teased him.

I grabbed my books and sat agaim on the bed. I leaned the books on his balls. He groaned. I took one book and started to read it. While i was studying i reached Michael's $%!@ with my hand and started to stroke.

It took me one hour studying for school. My poor brother was twitching on my bed begging me to let him $%!@. But i ignored him focusing on my books.

At last, after one hour of teasing, i decided to let him $%!@ but i blocked the tip of his $%!@ with my thumb!

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-05-25 18:27:38

Haha ana it sounds like you had loads of fun with michael that day! I love how you pretended to be a police officer and pretended to search him even though he was just in his boxers haha! I love how you touched his balls and then teased him for his boner! Shooting his balls with the soft air gun sounds fun! I still shoot tylers balls with the nerf gun every now and then! I think i might try pretending to be a police officer with him tomorrow morning haha sounds like soooooo much fun lol!

I love how you then told him youd give him a $%!@ but kept him waiting haha! I love how you then studied whilst stroking his $%!@ and teasing him! Haha i bet he was getting harder and harder and harder! I love how he was twitching on the bed and begging you to let him $%!@! I LOVE that you blocked the tip of his willy as he started to $%!@! Its great fun isnt it haha! I do it to tyler quite a lot and its always funny and his reactions are great haha!

Haha studying with your brother is great fun too isnt it?! Reminds me of a story from a couple of weeks ago! It was a saturday and we both needed to study so we went up to our bedroom. I sat on my bed and tyler sat on the floor. After a little while i got a bit bored and started teasing him. I made him lay on his back. I then sat on his knees and started asking him questions for his exam. If he got the question right i stroked his willy but if he got the question wrong i squeezed his balls! He had joggers on and it was funny watching his reactions haha!

Then earlier today i was doing something in our bedroom and tyler came in. I think he was trying to annoy me but it didnt work haha! I just turned around a lightly tapped his balls! He doubled over and groaned! Then about 10 minutes later i made him lay on the floor and spread his legs. He had a tshirt and shorts on. I then dropped some of those sewing weights onto his nuts a few times and then i teased him! I had taken a hammer from the cupboard under the stairs a few days before and i got it out of my drawer! Tyler looked worried haha! I then gently tapped his balls with the hammer about 6 times lol! His reactions were so funny! His shorts were quite thin and his boxers underneath didnt provide much protection for him! Haha poor tyler lol!

Ill try the police shooting with his nerf gun tomorrow and let you know how it gors haha!