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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-03 16:33:37

ahahah Tommy i loved your story! it's so easy control a boy using his own balls against him! i love that your sister likes to tied you up! it's so funny being unfair with a boy lol Did your sister ever tied your balls?

Last night i sat right on Michael's face while i was "playing" with his crotch! i know that you don't like this kind of stories so i won't write anything about that don't worry. You're so nice with me i want to be nice with you!

So you choose to resist. interesting. i knew that you're a tough guy. good luck with all the torture you gonna face! Show me that you're a real man!!!

p.s your sister would never get bored!

Rebecca are you still here? how is going with Tyler and Emily?

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-05-03 18:30:40

Yeah ana i'm still around! Sounds llike youve had a lot of fun with michael! Id love to hear more stories soon!

Tommy sounds like your sister has a lot of fun with you and your brother! Id love to hear more stories from you soon too haha! Has she ever squeezed or stomped on either of your balls?!

As for me and tyler well after the weekend emily stayed over and he stayed in his socks and boxers pretty much all day i did the thing i read online. At bedtime i went over to his bed and started teasing him. I then started stroking his $%!@ through his boxers and then i pulled them down! Just as he was about to $%!@ i put my thumb over the tip of his $%!@! He came but it couldnt come out becuase my thumb was blocking it haha! It was so funny and he didnt know what to do lol! Its called $%!@ blocking i think! You should try it with michael haha.

Then today before school i smacked his balls with a ruler a couple of times while he was still in bed lol! He had his socks and boxers on so it probably hurt even more haha! He is in the shower right now so i think i might have some fun with him when he gets out haha.

Shannon are you and reece still around?! Would love to hear some more stories.

Posted by Tommy2004 on 2019-05-04 13:33:58

Hi Anak, yes my sister ties my balls sometimes, whe then pulls the string to cause pain to me. Poor Michael that must have been horrible, but thanks for being nice to me. I was thinking about resisting and maybe winning over her and her friends but yesterday I tried surrendering.

Hi Rebecca, well my sister has a lot more fun with me then with my brother, I don't know why but she "plays" with me a lot more. Yes she squeezes my balls a lot but she has never stomped on them, luckily.

So yesterday was a really rough day for me, my mom had to go to work sooner and she will be back on Monday and my brother is on a trip with his school and he should be back on Monday too. My sister's friends stayed at our house for a sleepover. I immediately stripped myself and surrendered to them, they giggled and told me they will prepare few things, after about an hour they called, I let them tie me up, so I was tied up in the middle of the room with my arms and legs spread. They brought 2 toys with them. One was a electric collar, they put it around my balls and $%!@ and played with it, luckily they didn't play for too long, it was very painful it felt like if needles were going trough my balls, I even came once from the vibrations it made but I couldn't feel anything just a pain. After that they had fun with that they went to another torture, they grabbed a small funnel and pushed it down my $%!@, they started pouring pepper down my $%!@, this was a lot more painful, just the funnel inside my $%!@ was enough to make me cry and after they pored pepper down my $%!@ it hurt like hell. They were nicer to me though, as a reward for surrendering my sister actually made me $%!@ without hurting me so I could even feel my orgasm. To finish my torture they brought the second toy, it was a thing called "$%!@ stretcher". They mocked me by saying that my little $%!@ needs to get bigger, they put it on me, one end of it was at the base of my $%!@ and the other was "under" the head of my $%!@, there was a wheel to change the lenght of how much these two ends are going to be from each other, they changed it so it was as far away as much $%!@ allowed it. It was very painful and humiliating, it felt like if my $%!@ was about to be ripped off, they left the stretcher on my $%!@ for the whole night and of course I was tied up the whole night.

Posted by momknowsbest on 2019-05-11 14:32:41

Hey Tommy! Your sister and her friends seem a little unfair to me. I wonder why they don't team up on your brother too? Or take advantage of the fact having two boys to play with? They did really cruel things to you and it doesn't seem to me you deserved it. You even surrendered to them and offered them the chance to play with you.

I am the mother of a 15 year old son and I keep him naked at home 24/7, because it's easier to control and punish him this way. I am not bothered by his nakedness and the fact that he walks around with a boner a lot, but I would never torture him in any way. If I punish his balls and $%!@, he deserved it as a punishment for misbehavior.

I would like to hear more of your stories and how you feel about being punished. Please let me know, if I can support you and don't hesitate to write me a message.


Posted by Richard Will on 2019-05-15 08:36:30

I have a lot of fun. That's cool abcya