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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Cazza0534 on 2017-04-07 15:56:42

Hi, im Callum, 14 years old. My two sisters love beating my balls up too! My big sister is 16 and my little sister is 12. They kick my balls a lot, but also punch them, knee them, squeeze them and they link standing and stomping on them! Theyve done it for a few years now, and they do not seem to want to stop! My little sister has actually come into the bathroom when im showering and squeezed my poor balls! Both of my sisters recently came into my bedroom first thing in the morning and woke me up by squeezing and tugging on my balls!

I got home from school just before 4 today, and my little sister came into my bedroom when I was changing and kicked my balls three times in a row, then giggled when I fell to the floor and stomped down hard on them! I just had my boxers on too!

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-04-30 18:59:58

I don't have any brothers, but I do know how much fun it is for us girls to hit boys in their balls!

I have hit boyfriends in the balls over the years. My first boyfriend was when we were both 14, and I used to hit him in the balls quite a lot! I loved it when he fell to the floor moaning and groaning! He sometimes used to have his head on the floor and his bum in the air, and it was so cute!

Then when I was 16 I was dating a younger boy, who was 15. I used to hit him in the balls a lot, and I loved it that he got owned by a girl older than him! One time, I was spending the night at his house, and when we got ready for bed, he stripped down to just his boxer shorts, and I slapped him quickly in the balls, and he collapsed to the floor! So funny! Later than night I squeezed his balls when we were in bed, and he woke up to me doing stuff to his balls! So much fun!

Now I'm older, I still think it's fun to hit boys in the balls! I'm divorced once, and it's just me and my son in the house! My son is 13. I regularly hit his balls, everything from little slaps and pinches, to full blown punches, kicks and stomps! It's just so much fun! I hit his balls to punish him if he gets into trouble at school, and I also do it for my own entertainment quite a lot too!

Posted by sken15539 on 2017-05-29 15:17:43

I think if a boy needs to be punished, why shouldn't his testicles be the target. After all, they are easy targets and really sensitive! If a boy knows his sensitive little parts are going to get hurt, then he'll behave more!

My own son is 14 and I regularly punish his balls. I also have a daughter who is 12. I make my son strip naked and then get my daughter to play with his knob so it gets nice and hard and then I smack my son's balls with a wooden spoon, normally 10 smacks per ball. Sometimes if he has been really bad, I'll smack his $%!@ 10 times too! Sometimes I let my daughter smack his balls with the wooden spoon too, and she has an even harder smack than myself!

My daughter has brought some of her friends over from school before when we have been punishing my son! They take part sometimes and smack his balls with the wooden spoon, but sometimes they also smack his balls with their hands and punch them too! Once or twice they have also squeezed them. They think we're doing a great job.

Sometimes my friends come round too and they smack my son's balls with the wooden spoon or punch them with their fists. They think I'm doing a great job and some have gone home and started punishing their own sons in this way! Sometimes though, they just sit back and enjoy the show!

Lisa, I bet you had lots of fun with your boyfriends growing up, as well as your son now! How many times have you hurt his balls and what does he think of it. Have you got anymore stories for us!?

Posted by LisaFoster938 on 2017-06-05 18:50:57

Hi sken15539. Good to hear from another mother who hits her son in the balls! I agree 100% with you that if a boy needs to be punished then his balls should be the target. As you say, they are vulnerable and sensitive, and all boys know that so they should behave better if they know their balls are on the line!

Good to hear you're including your daughter and some of your friends in your son's punishments as well. What do your friends think when you and your daughter punish your son's balls?! I bet they enjoy the show, and taking part. Does your daughter enjoy it too?

As for me, yes I loved playing with my boyfriend's balls growing up! My first boyfriend (we were both 14) always used to get hit in the balls by me! I loved it! It was just the way he'd groan and then fall to the floor and roll around or have his bum up in the air and his head on the ground! So cute! I never slept with him but I did squeeze his balls once or twice and that was great fun. Then when I was 15, I briefly dated this 15 year old boy. He was very cute but didn't really like it when I played with his balls! I kicked them and kneed them a lot as well as playful punches and grabs! I loved it but he didn't seem so impressed!

Then this younger boy was 15 when I was 16 and we went out for just over 18 months. He was really cute and I used to hit his balls all the time. We slept together quite a few times and I used to always hit him in the nuts when he stripped down to his boxers and I used to squeeze them too when we were lying next to each other too! I think he actually liked it (secretly). He was great but we had to break up because he moved like 300 miles away but I still speak to him regularly!

Then when I was 19 I was dating this sexy 18 year old lad and I used to really hurt his balls for fun and took him by surprise a few times! He used to let me do it whenever I wanted and for my birthday one year he let me kick his balls five times with my high heels on and that evening he let me squeeze his balls as hard as I liked! Great fun!

As for my son, well I regularly give his balls a little slap, punch or pinch as well as harder punches, knees and kicks and I also stomp on them sometimes too! I squeeze them a fair bit too and that's great fun! He's pretty cute and I love it when he's just in his boxers the most and I hit him in the nuts in some way! I've kicked him when I've been stressed at work before, and I've come home and just made him kneel down in front of me and spread his legs and I'll kick him a few times and I might stomp on them too!

Today when he got home from school, I made him strip down to just his boxers (which were bright orange) and I made him stand in front of me in the living room and I just kneed him pretty hard in the balls twice and then kicked him three times in a row! He then fell to the floor moaning and holding his balls. I then made him lay on his back, legs on the floor and spread, and then I stomped down on them hard. It was such good fun!

Posted by jenmor932 on 2017-06-09 16:17:46

Hi Lisa! I have a son too, who is 12 and I hit him in his balls for fun too! It's just such fun when he falls to the floor moaning about the pain or groaning, and funny how a strong tough boy can be defeated by two pathetic little balls! I love doing it and do it as often as I can.

I like kicking his balls the most, normally with shoes on but sometimes barefoot! I also like kneeing his balls as well as punching them, pinching them, stomping on them and squeezing them! Earlier today when he got home from school, I made him stand in front of me in the living room and spread his legs, and then I kicked him in the balls four times with my high heels on! Such good fun!

How long have you been hitting your son in the balls and what does he think of it, or is he used to it by now? Have you got any other stories to share with us of you and your son?!