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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-01 14:21:36

Ewh Tommy! You're disgusting eating your own $%!@ i hope your sister won't do that again.

You're so nice with me. Thank you! I'm glad your sister likes ours stories! What's your sister's favourite stories on this site?

Now Tommy just relax and calm down. You sister is going to play with you balls a lot if she really want to try the things posted here.
There is nothing you can do to stop her. You have balls and for that you are weaker than your sister. You gonna fight of course but you eventually ended up naked tied and busted by her. So don't be stressed! Is normal for you to be your sister's toy!

Posted by Tommy2004 on 2019-05-01 16:47:43

Yeah, I had no other choice thought :/

No problem, I am trying to be nice to everyone because I wouldn't want to upset anyone. I asked my sister what is her favorite story and she told me to tell you that she really likes your stories because of how creative you and your big sister are with your brother but her most favorite one is one of the old ones from SophieMari

This one My daughter likes to hit Julius as well, She got a particularly bad grade on her report card recently and was quite angry. So little Julius got the brunt of it! She marched into his room and before he could even ask her what she was doing to a slug to the nuts! He was on the ground and she slipped his clothes off. She started squishing his balls with her feet! When she had her fun with that she took her own pants and panties off and sat on his face. She commanded him to lick her vagina as she punched his balls repeatedly! She said it was the best feeling when she came on him during one of the times her fist plodded his nuts!

I don't really like it because it wasn't Julius's fault that she got a bad grade so I don't think he should be the one to get punished for it.

Well I don't want my sister to play with my balls a lot, and I don't want her to try things that are posted here because some of them are really cruel and my balls hurt just from reading them. I don't want to be my sister's toy. What should I do? Maybe if I will resist a lot I can stop her? I really don't know what to do but I am tired from getting my $%!@ and balls hurt just because I am a boy it's not fair.

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-02 13:29:35

You have two choices Tommy. First you can tell your mum what your sister is up to. Maybe your mum gonna scold your sister or maybe she'll join the fun. It's a gamble but you can try. Second you can surrender to your sister and become her slave. Maybe she would be nice to you if you behave and do what ever she told you to do.

Now be nice with me and tell me another story of your sister and her friends torturing your balls!

Posted by Tommy2004 on 2019-05-02 15:13:32

Well, I won't tell my mom but I won't surrender either, I will probably resist and maybe she will get bored of it if I resist hard enough.

Well 2 weeks ago my 3 of my sister's friends were sleeping over in our house, my brother and my sister share a room and I have my own room, my brother asked me to switch with him. He told me he wants to switch with me because our sister is playing on her phone whole night and he can't sleep because of the light from the phone, at that time I didn't know our sister's friends are going to sleepover at our house so I agreed on switching. My brother must have known about it and that's why he wanted to switch with me because if he didn't it would be me who would be tortured. I only realized that they are going to stay over night when we had a dinner and they were still there. My mom asked me to sleep in a sleeping bag because we would be 5 in a room with only 2 beds, she said that 4 girls can fit in those 2 beds. After a dinner I tried to ask my mom if I could sleep in my bedroom but she said that if I have already agreed on sleeping on my sister and brother's bedroom then I have to sleep there, I think she knew why I am so stressed about sleeping with four girls in one room because she giggled a little bit when I got upset that I have to sleep there. At first I thought it's going to be OK night because they were all just chatting but then they said they are bored and they wanted to play a game with me. They said we would play truth or dare but the rules are that because I am a boy I can only pick dare and I am going to be the only one dared. I said I don't want to play the game because it's unfair and I am tired. My sister stood over me, bend to me, grabbed my balls trough the sleeping bag and my pyjama pants and told me that I have to play the game with them, she said it would be a quick game. They dared me to take my socks off, my shirt, my pants and lastly my boxers, their last dare was that I would have to sleep naked the whole night, my sister said "See? I told you it would be quick game we just have you few dares"... At that point I was happy my balls won't be hurt so I agreed to sleeping naked. But they outsmarted me, they tricked me into believing that my balls won't be hurt. They wanted me to sleep naked so they can tie me up while sleeping without waking me up by taking my clothes off. They tied me in the middle of the room, I was tied to the 2 beds with my arms and legs spread. I woke up to my balls getting punched, squeezed, pinched, stomped etc... They tortured me for hours, I couldn't move nor speak because they taped my mouth too. They made me $%!@ like 6 times but I never felt the orgasm because everytime I would start to $%!@ they squeezed my balls as hard as they could so the only thing I felt was pain. After I came for the 3rd time there was almost no $%!@ left in my balls, only few drops of $%!@. They laughed and mocked me by saying "You don't have any sperm left in your balls?", "Was that all the sperm your balls could produce?", "How do you want to have kids if you don't have a sperm?" etc... It was very long night full of pain, embarrassment and humiliation. I don't know why my sister and her friends hate me so much, as I said I always try to be nice to everyone and that's how they treated me for being nice.

Posted by Randomtask_ on 2019-05-02 15:31:49

tommy i've made similar experiances... maybe you want to share? patrickfisch90 gmail.com