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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-04-27 20:26:01

Haha tommy it sounds like your sister has a lot of fun with your balls! How old are you and your brother and how old is she?! I get how you find it embarrassing! Does your mum have even the faintest idea of what your sister does?!

Ana sounds like you had a lot of fun teasing michael then haha! I like how you did a couple of boner checks on him! I love how he was soft the first time but was hard after you had teased him a little bit haha! I love how you crushed his $%!@ in the back door onto the terrace haha! What did you do with him afterwards to make him calm down lol. You could have teased him with a sexy $%!@ haha!

Lol yeah we had a lot of fun last night! We got home and immediately started teasing tyler! We went up to our room and teased tyler saying "are you going to get changed?!" and emily said something like "are you going to change your boxers?!" haha! He stayed in his school uniform for a little bit longer. We continued teasing him and emily started playing with her hair and saying things like "your so cute tyler" and "i've never met a boy so sexy" haha tyler didnt know what to do or say! We then laid him down on his bed and emily sat on his knees and started stroking his inner thighs and then she smacked his balls quickly! He groaned and squirmed around! We giggled! She then pinched his nuts a few times through his trousers and then gently squeezed them haha! She then said something like "youve got nice squishy balls tyler" haha i said something like "wait until you feel them through his boxers" lol! She looked at me winked and then unbuckled tylers belt unzipped his trousers and pulled them down to his knees and then started squishing his balls through his boxers haha! It was very funny! Then we took his trousers and shirt off leaving him in just his socks and boxers and played a game. We dared him to take 30 kicks to the balls without falling to the floor. We both kicked him at varying strengths but he didnt make the 30 haha i think he made it to 17. Then he was on the floor for a long time!

We giggled and mocked him as he was moaning on the floor curled up in a ball! Then as he was recovering we decided to get changed! He was sort of sat up against a wall but still holding his balls! We got changed and we flashed him something every now and then lol! Then we said to him "do you want to get changed now?!" and he said "give me a sec". Haha he had a boner! We teased him saying "is someone hard" and emily said "theres something in your pants do you want me to get rid of it for you?!" and reached out her hand but tyler quickly got up to avoid her! Haha his boner was clear as day and we both smacked it a few times and giggled as it bounced around inside his boxers! We then allowed him chance to get changed and then i quickly tapped his balls as we walked out of the room which made him double over!

We got downstairs and mum had made dinner. We sat around the table and tyler was sat opposite me and next to emily. He had a hoodie and joggers on! I kept poking his balls with my foot under the table while emily kept pinching his balls! Mum said something like "is everything ok tyler you keep jumping around" haha! She had a cheeky grin on her face so knew what was going on!

Then when we went to bed we teased tyler again and saying "did you enjoy our little game over dinner" and he said "not really no" haha i said "maybe i'll eat your balls for dinner tomorrow" haha he looked scared and said something like "please dont" and covered his crotch and moved away from me! We then sat on the bed on either side of him and spent a good half an hour playing with his balls through his joggers. We punched, pinched, squeezed, squished, smacked and dropped weight blocks onto his balls a few times! That was super funny and his reactions were priceless!

Then we got ready for bed. I made tyler help get emilys bed ready. He was pumping up the bed with his foot which gave me an idea! Once hed finished and we were in our pyjamas (or socks and boxers for tyler) i made him lay on his back on the floor and we used his balls as a foot pump! Haha his reactions were so funny as we basically stomped on his balls over and over again! It was hilarious! He was curled up in a ball moaning and groaning for a while!

Then i was sat on the edge of my bed and emily snuggled up with tyler on the bed on the floor! Haha she was calling him cute and said something like "your a good brother letting rebecca abuse your balls all the time" lol! She was stroking his inner thighs and working her hand up towards his balls! In no time he had a boner again! Then i noticed he had the same boxers on as earlier ewww! I said "are you not going to change your boxers tyler" and he said something like "im not taking my boxers off in front of you two" and i said "ive seen your junk thousands of times im not shy" and he looked at emily lol! She said "what if i took your boxers off for you?!". Thats what we did! His boner was super hard and bounced out of his boxers which made us giggle! We then smacked and flicked his hard $%!@ and giggled as it bounced around! We then took a leaf out of your book shannon and took him to the bathroom. I led him along by his $%!@ lol! We then crushed his $%!@ in the shower doors a few times which was really funny and his reactions were priceless!

After a little while we let him put a new pair of boxers on! By this point it was almost midnight and we decided to go to sleep. Not much happened over night but i remember when i woke up emily was snuggled up with tyler in his bed lol! They were both asleep and i looked underneath the blankets and he still had his boxers on but her knee was right near his junk! They woke up not long after me and we started to tease tyler! Emily was pretending to kiss him on the lips a few times haha! We looked and he had a boner! We smacked it a few times and emily squeezed it haha! Then she pulled his boxers down and started stoking his $%!@ up and down gently! He was enjoying it and looked like he was in heaven! She was giving him a nice $%!@ and i was wondering where she was going with this!

But...she had a trick up her sleeve lol! She was inching tyler more and more and before long he started moaning! Then he said "oh yeah im...im gonna...im gonna $%!@". Just as he started to $%!@ she took her hands off his $%!@ and started flicking his balls haha! You could tell he went from pleasure to pain in a matter of seconds lol! His hard $%!@ was sticking straight up but looked lifeless dripping with $%!@ lol! That was so funny and a great way to start the day!

We went down for breakfast and tyler still had his socks and boxers on! We teased him saying "did you enjoy your $%!@?!" and he said something like "yes but it would have been nicer if it had ended differently" which made us giggle! I then pinched his balls through his boxers as he took a mouthful of his weetabix which nearly made him gag!

Mum asked us what we had planned for the day and we said nothing much before emily had to go home at about 3. We went back upstairs to get changed and we asked tyler to help us with our maths homework! We sat on my bed and he was trying to help us but we kept punching, pinching, squishing and squeezing his balls through his boxers! I tried to make him hard but it didnt work! Then we asked him if we could play a game. We made him lay on the floor and we said wed time each one of us to see how long he could take with us standing on his balls. He lasted about 3 minutes with me and about 2 minutes with emily lol! We were both barefoot!

Then just before lunch i decided to have some fun with him! I pulled his boxers off and started stroking his $%!@ again! I could tell he liked it and he was hard within a blink! I was teasing him by blowing my breath on the tip of his $%!@! I then used a method i'd read about online. I made emily hold his hands behind his head and i made him tell me when he was on the edge of $%!@! Again he started moaning and then said "im gonna...im gonna $%!@". At that point i took my hands away and left him there haha! His $%!@ was hard and twitching all over the place and looked all confused lol! Tyler moaned! It was so funny and emily teased him saying "if we as much as touched his $%!@ hed $%!@ right now!" haha! We didnt and left him there for a good 5 minutes until we knew his so called orgasm had passed lol!

That was really funny! There is another method i read about online that i'm gonna try with him tonight! Tyler spent pretty much all day today in his socks and boxers and was our toy haha! It was great fun and weve already arranged another day for emily to stay over in a week! I told her i'd let her know what happens tonight and i'll tell you all tomorrow x

Posted by Tommy2004 on 2019-04-27 21:00:58

Hi Rebecca, yeah my sister surely has a lot of fun but I don't think it's ok to hurt someone to have fun you know. I am 14, my brother is 13 and our sister is 17. I am not sure but I hope my mom doesn't know about it.

Posted by Jasonnn03 on 2019-04-28 23:48:25

Yep girls at school hurt me and i think they enjoy it

Posted by AnaK on 2019-05-01 09:47:32

Hi Rebecca! You spent a beautiful night with Emily then! I'm really glad that you shared your story again with us. I love how you brought Tyler from pleasure to pain! I would love to hear more about that!

After i read your story i went to Michael to try with him what you did to Tyler. He was sat on his bed playing with his xbox. As soon as he saw me he said "leave me alone Ana i know you just wanna hit me in the balls and i'm sick of it." That surprised me a bit but i had a plan.

"I don't want to lie to you. It's true that i love to hurt your balls but this time if you let me play i can give you a reward!" With this i definitely caught his attention. "What kind of reward" he asked. "Maybe my hand could go up and down up and down all over your $%!@!" Michael was still a bit undecided so i took off my shirt to give him two beautiful reason to accept my proposal! Michael's eyes were gulted at my chest as i crossed my arms to make my breast look bigger. I reached his boner with my foot. "Uh uh looks like your wee wee decided for you!" I said smiling at him. "Fine" he said "but i want my reward"

I stripped him naked and tied him on his bed. Then i laid down with him with my feet next to his face.
At first i stroked gently his $%!@ making him moan in pleasure. Then i slapped his balls. One stoke one slap! He was perfectly between pleasure and pain.

It was time ti bring him to pain! I started to flick his $%!@ and squeeze his balls. I loved watching his reactions. I rubbed my feet on his face during the torture! He hated me for that! It must have been humiliating for him lol.

Then i decided to give him his reward. My hand began to go up and down on his staff. I can tell he was enjoying the moment. But then when he was about to $%!@ i took off my hand. Ahaha i loved watching his $%!@ twitching. I poked it saying "$%!@ $%!@". He didn't $%!@ so i edged him again. His moans were muffled by my feet. This time instead of making him $%!@ i squeezed his balls. Ahah too bad for him.

I loved this game. I want to try it again with my big sister. I bet she would love it. Next time i'll have a good story for you!

Tommy you have to be a good brother and let your sister play with you. Beside it seems that your sister likes to play funny games! Ask her to kick your balls for me. will you? Thanks!

Posted by Tommy2004 on 2019-05-01 11:17:02

Hi Anak, the game that you played with your brother is almost same as the one that my sister plays with me sometimes, the difference is that my sister strokes my $%!@ until I am on the edge of $%!@ for like 7 times, then she unties my legs (when I am tied up - sometimes I am not tied up during this "game") and makes me put them behind my head, I am pretty skinny so it's not that hard for me but then she makes me $%!@ right into my own face, it's really disgusting and I really hate it. Once she even made me $%!@ into my mouth to "taste" the $%!@, I begged her not to do it again and since then she did not force me to $%!@ into my mouth which is nice of her.

I am trying to be a good brother but I don't want my sister to play with my balls, yes she likes to play funny games but those games are only funny for her and her friends and not for me which is kinda unfair don't you think?

I asked her to kick my balls for you because I didn't want to be rude to you by saying no. She was in shock that I want her to kick my balls without resisting so she asked me why I wanted it. I told her about this site and that you nicely asked me to do so, she was really amazed by some of the stories and she already told me she will try a lot of the things that are posted here which really stressed me out.