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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Tommy2004 on 2019-04-27 13:19:02

Wow, I can't believe I am not the only one who has sister that does this. Me and my sister we hate each other and when we argue or fight about something she always use my balls to win against me. I would like to know why do sisters do this? Why do they think it's funny to crush our nuts or tease us about our boners? I hate it.

Posted by AnaK on 2019-04-27 14:21:05

Hi Shannon! It's always a great fun reading your stories! Reece is lucky having a good mum like you. You kicked his balls not only for your pleasure but also to teach him how to behave with his teacher.

I know it's a lot of fun having a teenage boy around the house. Especially when he's horny and with no pants on!

Yesterday me and Michael was on the sofa watching a movie. Michael had joggers on. Looking at him i noticed that he wasn't wearing any underwear so i reached his crotch with my hand and said "boner check!" He smiled to me. He wasn't hard. I cuddled next to him letting my breast stock on his arm and placed my hand on his inner thigh. After a while i said again "boner check!" This time he was hard! I teased him saying "you're hard again for your sister. I bet mum would punish you if i tell her. I won't tell her if you let me have some fun with you." He agreed.

I lowered his pants and his boner popped out. I poked it a bit. "What can i do to you?" I said. "I konw! I can put a leash on you!" At my worlds Michael touched his neck. "Oh it's not for you neck silly boy!" I took a long string an tied it to his balls and $%!@. Then i walked him all around the house! Aahah it was a lot of fun seeing his funny faces he made while i pulling the leash!

In my house there is a sliding door leading to the terrace. I made him stand on the door and tied the end of the leash at the railing outside! He looked confused when i slowly started to close the door. Then he realised his $%!@ was in the middle of the doors. Ahaha he was all "no no please don't do it". I crushed his $%!@ in the sliding doors! I took hos balls and forced them between the doors too!

Then i slapped his $%!@ making it bounce up and down. When his hard on went away i pinched his balls some times before resale him!

He was mad with me but eventually he was thankful i didn't tell mum about his boner. Maybe i should tell her anyway! What do you think girls? Ahaha

Rebecca i bet you spend a great night with Emily then! Will you share you fun with us please? I wanna know if Tyler still have his balls!

Tommy i would love to tease your boner too lol! If you want to win agaist your sister i suggest you to cut your balls!

Posted by Tommy2004 on 2019-04-27 15:10:08

Wow Anak you are really mean to your brother, it's not his fault he got a boner, we boys can't do nothing about having a boner, it's just how our bodies work. My sister makes me and my brother do challenges and she punishes the loser, she loves when her friends sleepover in our house too because they can spend all night torturing me and my brother's balls and $%!@. I can't cut my balls, that would hurt, and even if I could my sister would still torture my $%!@...

Posted by AnaK on 2019-04-27 15:52:59

ahah i love that your sister and her friends spend all night torturing you down there! i'm sure you deserve it. Why you let them torture you? Now be a good boy and tell us some stories. Everyone here would love to hear them. Of course that you can't cut your balls! It was a joke. boys are so stupid sometimes!

Posted by Tommy2004 on 2019-04-27 16:26:27

I hate it, I don't think i deserve it, I think that nobody deserves to be hurt like this. I have no other choice but to let them torture me, they always sneak up on me or wait until I fall asleep and then grab my balls from behind so I can't turn around or anything I just have to do what they tell me to do, if I do something else or if I try to get out of her grip she just squeeze my balls very hard. While one of them holds my balls the others tie me up to my sister's bed and then torture me. They have all kinds of punishments and all of them hurt like hell. I can't tell my mom that my sister and her friends keep hurting my balls because i am ashamed that girls are "stronger" than me. My sister loves taking advantage of the fact that my mom is rarely at home and my mom agrees to everything my sister wants so her friends can sleepover in our house almost anytime.

Well I have a story that happened yesterday. I was taking shower in the evening and my sister sneaked up from behind on me, as always she grabbed my balls, I begged her to let me go because I am tired but she started laughing and then she mocked me saying how easy it is to sneak up on me. While she was still holding my balls with one hand she picked toothpaste with the other and started rubbing it all over my balls and $%!@ with the other hand. My $%!@ can be very sensitive when someone else touches it and to be honest I almost came when she was stroking my $%!@ to rub the toothpaste on it. She told me she wouldn't punish me for too long if I am tired. She wanted me to run around the garden for 1 minute and that's it. I was happy that it wouldn't be long punishment so I accepted it without protesting. It was almost a night and it was cold outside, the toothpaste was mint so my balls and $%!@ started burning when I got outside. My sister lied to me and did not finish my punishment after 1 minute, she locked me outside and I was outside for almost 20 minutes, my $%!@ and balls were burning the whole time and I even cried... See how embarrassing the story is? I couldn't tell this to my mom, I would be really ashamed of myself.