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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-04-22 17:56:48

Hey shannon! Yeah i like tyler sleeping in his boxers. Its easy to get at his junk and when he has a boner its really visible and easy to smack and watch as it bounces around inside his boxers lol! Mum and aunt sarah thought it was funny that i'd hit connor in the nutsac! It sounds like you had a lot of fun with reece in the shower! I love how you tied his $%!@ and balls up and then threatened him with the scissors haha!

AnaK sounds like you and your mum had a lot of fun teasing michael! I like how he got a hard on and you both teased him! Yes emily is sleeping over this coming friday hahaha!

This morning i went over to tylers bed. I was teasing him asking him about school and stuff. He just had his socks and boxers on as normal! I teased him and i could tell he had a boner! Suddenly i pulled the blankets off him and there it was clear as day, a nice big bulge in his boxers haha! I reached out and tapped the tip of his $%!@! He giggled. I stroked his $%!@ up and down a couple of times and i could tell he was enjoying it haha! I then suddenly smacked his $%!@ and giggled as it bounced around inside his boxers! I then flicked his balls a couple of times which seemed to cause him a lot of pain! I then gently squeezed his balls for a few moments! He was still hard haha! I then twisted his balls around which made him groan and he bent right over haha! Then as he was getting dressed i quickly slapped his balls just after hed put his joggers on lol!

Then connor and aunt sarah came to our house today. We were up in our room with mum and aunt sarah downstairs! Tyler was waring a tshirt and joggers and connor a tshirt and shorts! I made both boys lay on the floor with their legs spread. I then walked over their balls a couple of times and at one point i was standing on connors balls and hopped across onto tylers nutsac haha! That caused both boys a lot of pain and they were almost curled up with each other moaning and groaning haha! I took a photo and sent it to emily lol! Then i knelt between the boys and grabbed boht their balls and started gently squeezing! I built up the pressure on connor first and then tyler and it was so funny watching their reactions as their balls got squeezed! I then squished connors balls between my hand and the floor!

Then at lunchtime we were sat in the garden and i pinched tylers balls a few times as he was trying to eat and i plodded connor in the nuts! Mum and aunt sarah were giggling at the sight!

Then as connor and aunt sarah were leaving connor gave tyler a hug and i knelt down and quickly punched both their nutsacs! I didnt punch too hard but enough for them to groan and double over haha!

Its fun having one pair of balls to play with nevermind two lol x

Posted by aidensmom on 2019-04-23 06:17:09

Aiden has been mouthing off severely lately.......time for some justice. I already informed my niece that she can use Aiden for self defense practice this weekend. I am sure it will be quite a great punishment

Posted by AnaK on 2019-04-24 13:34:35

I bet Aiden's balls gonna pop this weekend!

Rebecca i LOVE how you teased Tyler in bed!! Lot of fun! i like how you hopped from balls to balls too! Surely a must try! Did Emily enjoyed the photos? What did you planned for Friday night? Did your mum played with Tyler's balls recently?

One day me and mum decided to cook some cookies! While we was cooking we noticed that there were a lot of tools we can use to play with Michael's poor balls! So mum called him and asked if he wanna "help" us! He agreed and the fun began!

Since it was an hot day Michael was wearing only his boxers! I don't know if he's stupid or he actually wanted to be hit in the balls lol. Mum said "don't you feel like a slave working nearly naked with two clothed women?" He blushed and didn't say anything.

I saw he had a boner and used a spatula to feel it! I said "it seems that you like beeing in your boxers" while i was rubbing the spatula on his crotch. He was moaning but then i suddenly slapped him in the balls!

Mum smashed his balls with a pan making him believe it was an accident lol. Then she used a beater to beat his balls! A beater is meant to beat afterall!! Ahahah Michael ran away and mum chased him threatening him with the beater!

His boner was still on display so i said "what can we do to help it go down?" "We can use a rolling pin!" Exclaimed mum! Ahah

We made him lay on the table and took off his boxer. Mum slowly made the rolling pin rolling up on his legs and eventually smash his balls. I saw his balls beeing slowly crushed under the rolling pin. Mum went ahead and crushed his $%!@ too! it was so funny watching his reactions as his balls got crushed.

At last mum slapped his balls and said "ready for the oven!"

Posted by Rebecca321 on 2019-04-24 20:34:26

Hey Ana haha yeah hopping from connors balls to tylers balls was fun! Emily loved the video i sent her haha! She thinks tyler is cute and i think she likes connor too haha!

Sounds like you and your mum had loads of fun with michael whilst baking some cookies haha! I like how he was just in his boxers and had a boner! Teenage boys seem to get a boner over anything haha! Sometimes tyler gets them when the wind blows the wrong way lol! I love how your mum used a rolling pin on michaels balls! I might have to try that with tyler soon! Sounds like lots of fun!

Mum hasnt really played with tylers balls recently. The other day it was first thing in the morning and i had finished gretting dressed when mum walked in to check on us. Tyler was in just his socks and boxers and was complaining that id hit him in the balls haha! Mum walked up to him looked him in the eyes and said "you should protect your balls a bit better then" and then slapped his nutsac! He doubled over and moaned! It probably hurt more because he just had his boxers on lol.

Then today tyler woke up late for school and i went over to his bed and i punched him pretty hard in the balls! I pulled the blankets off him and he of course had his socks and boxers on! I could hear his balls smack under my fist haha! It was so funny watching his reactions as he woke up to his balls in pain and had to try and work out what had happened!

Then when we got home from school i teased him asking if he enjoyed being woken up by his balls this morning. He said "nooooo" haha! I then teased him as he was getting changed! He took his shirt off and i could see his boxers a little bit above his trousers and i said id give him a wedgie haha! He moved away and took his trousers off before i had chance! Then he just had his socks and boxers on and out of nowhere i kicked him in the nuts! He was down on the floor quicker than you could imagine lol! It was super funny!

Then mum had to go out for a little while this evening which left me and tyler alone in the house! We snuggled up on the sofa binge watching friends haha! Tyler had a hoodie and joggers on but didnt have a top on under his hoodie! I basically spent the whole time playing with his nutsac! I punched, pinched, squeezed, squished, crushed and slapped his nuts and i dub my elbow into them once too which was funny! When mum got back she worked out what wed been up too haha!

Posted by ShannonM83 on 2019-04-26 15:10:17

It sounds like you and your mum had loads of fun baking cookies the other day then Ana! I love how you teased Michael for having a boner when he was in just his boxers! And I love how your mum crushed his boner and his balls with the rolling pin haha! I'll have to try that on Reece soon, sounds like loads of fun!

Rebecca, I love how your mum slapped Tyler's balls that morning and told him to protect himself better haha! I like how you then woke him up for school and then teased him later that day and how you played with his balls while watching Friends! Sounds like you've had lots of fun with Tyler and I can't wait to hear what you get up to with Emily today too!

Reece got home from school yesterday and said he'd been given a detention by one of his teachers. I asked him why and he said he'd answered back (basically). I said "well, it sounds like you need to be punished then, young man". I made him stand in front of me in the kitchen and spread his legs. He still had his school uniform on and I kicked him a few times in the balls to try and teach him a lesson! I could tell he was in a lot of pain and by the sixth kick he dropped to the floor and curled up in a ball holding his precious balls! I then made him lay on his back and spread his legs and I stomped on his balls three times, varying the force of my stomps! It was very funny watching his reactions! I then gave him a few moments and then I stood on his balls for about two minutes, again, varying how much weight I put on his balls at any one time! It was so much fun!

Then before bed yesterday I called him into my room. He just had his pyjama trousers on as normal and I made him stand next to my bed and spread his legs. I then reached out and squeezed his balls! His reactions were priceless! I told him he shouldn't answer back to his teachers, and told him if he did it again I'd chop his balls off, completely! He didn't like that! I squeezed extra hard to make sure the message got across! He was then curled up on the floor of my room for a little while moaning and groaning! I poked him in the balls a couple of times with my foot too haha! It was just so tempting especially as he just had his pyjama trousers on!

Then this morning he was coming out of his bedroom first thing to go to the bathroom. I'd just come out and was walking back to my room. Again, he just had his pyjama trousers on but he very obviously had a case of morning wood syndrome! I stopped in my tracks and looked at him and said "what do we have here then?!" and reached out and stroked his $%!@! He tried to say something but nothing made much sense haha! I carried on stroking his rock hard $%!@ for a few more moments, and I could tell he was enjoying it! I then suddenly smacked his $%!@ really hard and giggled as it bounced around inside his pyjama trousers! He moaned and doubled over! I then grabbed his balls with my right hand and his $%!@ with my left and began squeezing both, alternating the pressure of each hand! I said "first of all you go and answer back to your teacher, now you go and have dirty thoughts and present this to me first thing in the morning. You naughty, filthy boy!". He was on the floor and I made him very nearly late for school haha!

It's so much fun having a teenage boy around the house!