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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by AnaK on 2019-04-13 09:22:26

Ahah Rebecca i love how you stripped Tyler and tied him to your bed. Next time i would love to hear a more detailed story!

Posted by Mum-of-two on 2019-04-13 19:58:03

Hi Shannon, it sounds like you have lots of fun with Reece's delicate balls, and his willy of course! I love how you crush his $%!@ in the shower doors! Does he always have a boner?! Does he get a boner from getting his $%!@ crushed or do you give him a boner before crushing it in the doors?!

My son is called Ben and my daughter is called Sophie.

I think I'm going to try crushing Ben's willy in the shower doors before long haha sounds like a lot of fun!

Earlier today, we were sitting in the living room watching TV and we started teasing naked Ben. He got a boner very quickly and we teased him by stroking his $%!@ and touching the tip! We then smacked it around and giggled as it bounced all over the place! Sophie then squeezed his balls as I smacked his $%!@ for a few minutes and that was really funny! Then after dinner, I squeezed his balls with tongs in the kitchen and that was great fun!

Earlier in the week I bought my daughter a new pair of shoes which she said "looked great for kicking balls" with a cheeky smile on her face! She then made Ben lay on his back and spread his legs in the living room and she kicked his balls over and over, stomped on them a few times, walked on them and she kicked his willy a couple of times! Haha it was great fun to watch!

Rebecca, what else have you been up to with Tyler recently? Playing strip poker sounds like a lot of fun and I love the idea of shooting his balls with a nerf gun!

AnaK, what have you and Michael been up to recently?! Judging by your other posts, I bet it's something really fun haha!

Posted by AnaK on 2019-04-14 17:16:26

I can tell you the story from where i left last time!

After mum find us with Michael tied up to Veronica's bed we went home for dinner. We gave Michael something to dress with. A pair of gym trousers and a white shirt. He didn't have any underwear to wear.

During the drive to home we didn't hit Michael's balls nor mock or tease him. We want to give him a little of rest before the painful dinner he was about to face.

As soon as we get home mum turned to Michael and grabbed his balls. "As i told you you must stay naked for dinner. Go and take a shower but don't you dare to dress up!" She said to him squeezing his balls quite hard. For Michael was hard to speak but he was able to say something like "ok let me go" between all the pain's moans.

Me and Veronica helped mum with the dinner and we a little talk. "So girls is this the first time you bust your brother?" Mum asked. We stared to each other for a moment before Veronica answered. "No... not for real. One night Ana depantsed Michael for fun and after that night we started to play with his balls from time to time" "I see. You know i liked to play with your uncle's balls too!" We was speechless at the revelation. "Really mum?" I said "tell us the story please" "I used to play with his balls before bed. You know we shared a room and i could blow off some stress before sleeping!" Mum said gigling.

Michael entered in the kitchen naked. We shared accomplice glances. "Next time i'll tell you some more stories girls" mum added. "What kind of stories?" Asked Michael. He was trying to act normal as he was in control of the situation. "The stories about me crushing your uncle's balls!" Exclaimed mum. My brother sat at the table with out answer. He looked like he want to avoid the subject!

Mum took off her shoes before sittig at the table right in front of Michael. After a while i saw the tip of her foot on Michael's knees. "Open you legs honey!" She ordered him while she was staring at his eyes. Reluctantly Michael's opened his legs. I was giggling enjoying the situation. It was a lot of fun seeing my mum take advantage of my big brother. I bet every woman likes to play balls lol.

"My feet need some rest. You don't mind if i put them here. don't you?" "Can you find another place to..." Michael's words were broken by a moan of pain as mum crushed his balls between her feet and the chair. "Sorry honey did you say something?"

"I'm surprised by your pain tolerance Michael!" Mum said. She had her foot on his balls from 5 minutes. "Yeah i tested it" i said "he can stand several minutes with his balls under presaure!" I was proud of my experiments!

"Can i dress up again? The dinner is over" Michael begged mum hoping we would let him alone for the rest of the evening. Mum thought about it for a moment"Only if your erection went away!" "I'm not horney any more trust me" he said "mmmm Veronica boner check!" Veronica took Michael in the middle of the room an keened down in front of him. "Feel free to look at my cleavage while i examine you" she dind't eaven touched him and he was hard again.

Veronica turned to mum "i didn't touch it and look how hard it is" she acted like it wasn't her fault. Mum walked over to Michael. "It looks like someone here need to be punished a little more" she said and kicked him right in the balls! Michael went down on the floor groaning in pain.

"What i gonna do to you Michael? Have i to cut your balls away? When will you start behave?" Mum mocked him. Then she made him stand up and tied a string around his $%!@ and balls leaving enough rope as a leash! The both of them went to clean the kitchen and do all the house chore. Mum kept him by his balls all the time. She pulled the rope from time to time just to make him groan.

Then mum decided that Michael had been punisched enough for the day and let him go to sleep.

From that day on i love to give Michael boner just to make mum punish him. I know it's just a stupid excuse to play with his balls but i love when he his all excited and in pain lol

Posted by ShannonM83 on 2019-04-14 20:24:57

Mum-of-two, I normally tease Reece in the shower so he gets a boner before I crush it in the shower doors! It's so funny seeing his boner crushed in the doors haha! I then slap it and flick it! It's so much fun and he can't do anything because his $%!@ is trapped! You really should try it with Ben before long!

Sounds like you and Sophie had a lot of fun teasing Ben on the sofa. I like how you smacked his $%!@ and she squeezed his balls! Great teamwork! Squeezing his balls with the tongs sounds like a great idea! I think I might have to try that with Reece before long! I like how Sophie tested her new shoes on Ben's balls! Sounds like she had a lot of fun!

This morning I went into Reece's bedroom. He was already awake and I made him get out of bed. He just had his pyjama trousers on! I made him lay on the floor on his back and spread his legs! I then kicked his nuts a couple of times and stomped on them and then I knelt between his legs and kneed his balls a few times! It was so much fun! Then I made him get a boner (which isn't difficult) and I kicked it from side to side through his pyjama trousers! Then I suddenly kicked his $%!@ really hard and it was so funny watching it bounce around inside his pyjamas and his reaction was priceless!

Then earlier he was helping me with something in the garden and I 'accidentally' hit his balls with a spade! Haha his reaction was really funny! Then a little while later I made him lay on his back on the ground and I dropped a plant pot full of mud onto his balls! His reaction was great!

Rebecca, sounds like you had a lot of fun playing strip poker with Tyler! What else have you been up to with him recently?! Have you seen Connor lately?!

AnaK, sounds like your mum has lots of fun with Michael's balls too! What else have you lot been up to with him recently?!

Posted by Mum-of-two on 2019-04-18 14:34:12

Hi Shannon. It sounds like you've had a lot of fun with Reece's balls recently! I love how you kicked his boner around when he just had his pyjama trousers on and how you crushed them wiht a spade and plant pot in the garden!

AnaK, sounds like you, your sister and mum all had a lot of fun with Michael that day then! What else have you been up to recently? Has your mum hit him in the balls since?!

You'll be pleased to know Shannon, we've tried crushing Ben's $%!@ in the shower doors! When he was in the shower last night, me and Sophie sneaked into the bathroom. Sophie teased him and within moments, he was hard! We teased and mocked him and then I grabbed hold of his $%!@ and lead him to the shower doors. I held his $%!@ in place as Sophie closed the doors onto his $%!@! It was so much fun and very funny to see his hard $%!@ crushed in the doors! We smacked it, slapped it and flicked the tip while it was crushed in the doors haha! He didn't seem to enjoy it nearly as much as us though...!