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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by LucyG123 on 2016-12-05 19:24:11

Those look so painful and I can't believe any boy would want to get his willy pierced like that! Did you say you wanted to try and get your brother's willy pierced?

Yeah it was really good fun resting things on Jamie's willy in the lesson! I don't think anyone did notice sadly! Oh wow, Jamie's willy was so hard when we were eating off it, and it was sticking straight upwards! It looked so cute and we did take some photos of the bread and doughnuts on his willy! No we didn't bite his willy, but we did put it in our mouths and pretend to eat it sometimes! Us girls were all laughing our heads off when we were eating off his willy, and I think Jamie was giggling for most of the time too!

What have you done to your brother's willy and balls, because you must have done things I haven't done to Jamie! You must have had so much fun with his private parts over the years! When did you first find out about his privates?!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-12-07 18:41:33

I don't know why a boy would want to have his willy pierced, and I don't know if it is painful or not, but some boys seem to have them, and some girls seem to like them, while others dislike them! I personally like the look of them, and I think they'd probably be pretty sexy, which is why I might consider getting one for my brother, but I'd have to have my mum's permission, and it seems a bit weird to say something to her about it!

Well it's good to hear that all you girls enjoyed having fun with Jamie's willy, and eating off it! And it's good to hear Jamie enjoyed it too, I bet he loves the attention on his willy from you girls!

Everything that I've done to my brother's privates, I've written about on here basically, but I discovered them when I was about six or seven, and my brother would have been eight or nine.

My cousins came over this weekend and it was raining so we went up to my bedroom and we were having some fun with them! We made the three boys stand up against a wall and we each took turns kicking, kneeing and punching them in the balls and there was a hanger on the floor, which we used to hit them in the nuts with a few times, which seemed to be very painful for the boys, but very funny for us girls! It was great fun!

Posted by LucyG123 on 2016-12-11 19:32:37

Hmm, I still think it's a bit weird!

Yeah Jamie loved the attention on his willy when we were eating off it! In school on Friday, we went down to the same spot on the field again, and I unbuckled Jamie's belt, unzipped his trousers and pulled his boxers down and bit and his willy was already semi-hard! We all stroked it a bit and played with it and Hannah wrapped some ham around his willy, which we ate off and then I put two strawberries on his nutsack, which we ate off him too! It was easy to get at his balls, because his willy was so hard and sticking straight upwards, and was made easier by the fact that Jeanne was playing with it to keep him hard!

Our food tech teacher played with Jamie's willy on Thursday afternoon again and made him lose his load over the desk again, which was great fun to watch! She said things like "you've got a nice package Jamie, no wonder the girls like it so much!"

Sounds like you had lots of fun with your cousins last weekend then, and it sounds great fun to hit the boys in the balls with the hanger! I'll have to try that soon!

Posted by Makenzie9151 on 2017-03-07 22:33:12

These stories are amazing! I was the same way with my big brother from a young age. One of my favorite things to do was tickle his balls and listen to him laugh and scream. Putting the clothes pin on his peehole sounds cool, I will have to try that and the ball ring as well. I love the sandpaper idea too.

I love punishing my brother on his balls. When he annoys me, I make him strip and stand legs spread and I slap his balls. I love the way they swing back and forth. He gets a boner and I slap that too, make it bounce all around. My friends and I make a game out of it. We each take turns slapping his balls and see who can make him scream the loudest.

Mad Woman & Sophia12, do either of you still have any of those pictures? If you do, I would love to see them. My email address is coxm9151@gmail.com. I would also love to hear more stories about your brother and son, and I will share more stories with you guys too!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2017-04-07 15:42:44

Hi Mackenzie, great to hear from you! Sorry it's been a while since you posted, I haven't checked this poll for ages! I'd love to hear some more stories from you and your brother though! How old are the two of you, and what else have you and your friends done to your brother's willy and balls?!

Recently I have had my son sit next to me on the sofa, naked, and I knelt down in front of him, grabbed his balls and squeezed as hard as I could, and pulled them apart from each other, and tried to pull them off! It was such good fun hearing him screaming and groaning in pain! I also once lit a match and held it under his ballsack, and he was moaning about the pain, and he thought I was going to burn his nutsack, bless him!

I often make my son get naked when he's at home, and if he sits next to me on the sofa, I like him to have a boner! I put the ring around his willy and that keeps him hard! It's such good fun!

Look forward to hearing more from you soon :-)