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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-11-07 21:14:18

Wow, it sounds like you have lots of fun with Jamie's bits too then!! And it's great to hear your friends are getting involved too, and it's great to hear they seem to enjoy it as much as you do too! I love the fact that you just unzip his trousers, pull his boxers down and get his $%!@ out in lessons, without a care in the world if anyone sees! I think it's great!

Do you think the other girls who saw you take Jamie's $%!@ out of his boxers in the History lesson would have wanted to join in with you girls? Sounds like you were having fun playing with it, and drawing on it with the pens! Sounds like the teacher almost wanted to have a quick play with it too!

Have any other teachers seen you hitting Jamie in the balls, and getting his $%!@ out in the lessons?!

Well I have stomped down on my brother's balls before, which is quite good fun, and I have stood on them once which was really good fun! We were playing around and sort of play wrestling, and we were both on the floor but I was on top of him, so I just stood up and stood on his balls for a few moments, which was great fun and he was moaning in pain!

Once I also managed to get him to strip naked, which isn't that difficult for me to do anymore, and then I managed to attach a few clothespins along his $%!@ and over his balls! He looked really weird with them on, and he was moaning about the pain! It was great fun getting to pin them onto his bits though!!

I've also wrapped elastic bands around his $%!@ several times before, which kept him hard for longer, and also made it easier for me to get at his balls! But it was so funny, because he was standing in front of me, with his rock hard $%!@ pointing straight upwards! It's quite fun teasing him so he gets a boner, and then crushing his balls too!! Seeing him go from one extreme to another!!

I haven't tried walking over my brother's balls yet, but I'm going to have to try that before too long!

What else do you and your girl friends get up to with Jamie's balls then, both in and out of school?!

Posted by LucyG123 on 2016-11-08 21:11:25

Yeah I reckon the girls in History that time would have wanted to have joined in with us if they could have done, as they were giggling and whispering to each other, and I knew they were talking about what we were doing with Jamie! I reckon our teacher probably did want to have a closer look and/or a quick game! We had History again today, and we again sat on either side of Jamie and kept hitting him in the nuts, but we kept his $%!@ inside his boxers today!

Yeah a few teachers have seen us hitting Jamie in the balls, and some have told us off, while others have just ignored it, and some have even giggled a little bit! I think some of them have seen us take his $%!@ out of his boxers, and I know one of our female teachers who was helping us with some work, obviously knew his $%!@ was out of his boxers before she came over to us, and she kept peeking across at it, rather than looking at him! It was hilarious to watch!

Yeah it sounds fun attaching the clothespins to your brother's privates, and I'm sure you had lots of fun attaching them, as well as looking at him with them on! Wrapping the elastic bands around his $%!@ sounds like good fun as well, as I knew that sort of thing kept him harder for longer, and of course, made his balls easier to get at! I like teasing Jamie in the same way, especially outside of school, so that he gets a boner, and then I'll crush his balls and it's great seeing his boner disappear and him suddenly going from heaven to hell!!

My girl friends and me usually hit Jamie in the balls loads of times, either punching him, kneeing him, kicking him, resting our feet on his balls, hitting him with objects like water bottles, and once we held him by his arms and legs and rammed his balls into a lampost! That was good fun!

When we get his $%!@ out during school, we normally either end up playing with it, which of course means he gets hard, or we'll draw on it with our pens like the other story I told you about, or we'll rest things on it for a joke, or we'll just get it out of his pants and leave it there to admire!

Outside of school, we get up to similar things really, although sometimes we do a little bit more because no one can tell us off! Like when we all shoved our hands down his boxers on the beach, or when I spilled some of my coffee onto his balls! It's just so fun!!

Do you hit any boys in the balls at school, and do any of your girly friends ever come over to your house and have fun with your brothers balls?

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-11-13 18:09:45

Do you think you'll invite the girls in History over one day to play around with Jamie's privates during the lesson with you?!

I wonder if any of your teachers, especially the female ones, have ever wanted to hit Jamie in the balls, or have a quick play with his $%!@ when you had it out of his boxers?!

Wow ramming Jamie's balls into the lampost sounds like such good fun, and I bet he was in so much pain afterwards! Did anyone else see you do it! I bet you girls all enjoyed it though!

Is Jamie's $%!@ not always hard when you have it out of his boxers, even if you just leave it there to admire?! I bet it's fun!

I hit some of the boys at school in the balls yeah, and it's always fun! I have one close friend who I hit in the balls a fair bit, and have a play around in the lessons! And yes, some of my girl friends from school do come over to our house every-now-and-then and have a quick game with my brother's nuts!

Posted by LucyG123 on 2016-11-15 21:20:07

Yeah I might see if we could do that, or I might talk to them and see if they'd want to have a quick game during the lunch break or something! I reckon they'd enjoy themselves nearly as much as me and my friends do!

As for the teachers, well yeah, I reckon some of them, especially the younger female ones, would want to have a quick play with his $%!@ or hit him in the nuts a couple of time! It's funny watching their reactions when they see us hit him there or playing with his $%!@! You can tell they find it amusing!

Well yeah, Jamie's $%!@ is normally hard whenever we pull it out of his boxers, regardless of what we do with it! We got it out during Science today and just admired it for the whole lesson, occasionally we'd reach down and have a quick play, but normally it was just there to admire!

Pleased you have some fun with the boys at school, and pleased some of the girls at school manage to have fun with your brother's balls as well!

Today, as well as getting Jamie's $%!@ out during Science, we also kicked him in the balls a few times at lunch time, and in Art this afternoon myself and Emily kept on hitting him in the balls, or "accidentally" dropping things on them, like glue sticks or scissors! It was good fun!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-11-19 19:31:35

Have you invited the girls in your History class over to have a quick game with Jamie's bits yet then?! Have any of the teachers ever hit Jamie in the balls, or quickly touched his willy or anything? I bet they want to even if they don't!!

I bet it's fun for you girls to pull Jamie's willy out of his boxers and either play with it or just look at it, and see him get hard almost immediately!

Well at school yesterday I was in Maths with one of my boy friends, Tom. I was sat next to him and I kept reaching across and holding his nuts, and giving them the odd occasional squeeze. I surprised him at one point by punching him pretty hard in the balls, and he screamed in pain, and some people looked round at us!!

Then a little later on in the day, I was with two other of my boy friends, Jack and Harrison, and we were in R.E together. I was sat between the two boys with one of my girl friends, Shannon, sat next to Harrison. We kept hitting the boys in the nuts, and at one stage, I was basically using Jack's nuts as a drum kit, and kept smacking him in the nuts! It was such good fun!

Then today, my mum's friend came round with her two children, a boy my age and a girl a little bit younger. We went up to my bedroom with my brother, and we made the two boys stand up against a wall and I showed the little girl how to hurt their balls, as she said she'd hit her brother there a few times, but only by accident a few times. I showed her how to kick them, punch them, squeeze them, stomp on them, pinch then and knee them!! We had lots of fun and she enjoyed being able to experiment with her brother's balls, as well as my brother's balls!!