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Having fun with my son's bits

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-07-24 14:33:52

So, I'm the 34 year old single mum of a 15 year old boy. I have been having fun with his bits for several years now. I've kicked him, punched him, kneed him, elbowed him, squeezed his nuts and I've ever dropped something into his balls before!

I've had to wake him up because he's been late for school before, and he just sleeps in his boxers, especially in the summer. So I've walked into his room, pulled the blankets off him and given him a little punch to the nuts to wake him up! It's so funny watching his expressions when he's trying to work out why his balls are hurting!

I've hit him in the balls in public before too! We have been sitting in Costa Coffee before, and I've just plodded his balls with my foot a few times! It's great watching him trying to act naturally. Another time, we were in ASDA shopping, and I 'accidentally' hit my son in the balls when he was looking at the CDs! He was trying to comfort his aching nutsack and act naturally at the same time, which was super funny!

I've hit him before when he's got into trouble at school. One time, I just made him stand in front of me in the living room, spread his legs and I kicked him really hard three times in a row, and then kneed him once, as punishment. Another time, he was in big trouble at school, and I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, then unzipped his trousers and pulled them down to his ankles. I left him standing in front of me in just his black socks and light blue boxers. I then grabbed his balls and pulled him into my bedroom, made him lay down on the bed on his back and spread his legs. I tied his hands above his head, and tied his legs to the bed. I then punched his balls several times, and I grabbed and squeezed them really hard! I then jumped up on the bed, and kicked him in the balls a couple of times, and then I put my foot on his balls, and squashed them between my foot and the bed. It was fantastic to see his reactions when his balls were being punished, and he promised never to get into trouble in school again, just because he knew I'd punish his ballsack.

I've told my friends about hitting his balls before. I've told them some of the stories, and one of my friends said she wanted to try it out! So we arranged for her to come over to my house on a schoolday, and when my son got home from school, we made him stand in front of us in the living room with his legs spread. I held my son's hands behind his back, and my friend kicked his balls three times in a row! He was still in full school uniform, and he dropped to the floor and clutched onto his balls. We then made him lay flat on his back and spread his legs. My friend and I then stomped on his balls twice each, although there was a lot of laughter involved too!

Another time, my son and I had been invited by one of my other friends to go to their house on a Sunday for lunch. She also had a teenage son, slightly younger than my own. He was 13.

After a short while of us arriving, we got the boys into the garden and we tied them up to the fence next to each other. They were both just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. My friend and I took turns kicking, punching and kneeing each of them in the balls, and we also grabbed and squeezed the boys' balls, and I put my foot on my son's balls, and grinded them between my foot and the fence. It was very good fun seeing both boys in so much pain because of their weak little balls!

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-08-21 15:26:49

That sounds amazing Sophia! I do this sort of thing to my brother all the time! It's just so funny when he makes those noises and facial expressions, and I just love hurting his little balls! I think if I have children in a few years time I'll teach my daughter to hit boys in the balls for fun, as well as for defence! Do you have any tips for having fun with a boys balls?!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-08-21 15:36:12

Yes I'm sure you have lots of fun with you brother's bits! I love hurting my son's balls, and it's the reactions he makes which make it so fun for me. Just the other day, I made my son get naked and then I hit his balls loads of times, and made him lay on the ground and then grinded his balls into the ground! It was so much fun watching his reactions when I beat his balls up!

If I had a daughter I would definitely teach her how to hurt boys!!

Tips I'd have, are mainly just to enjoy hurting your brothers balls, and the rest will come naturally! But try not to use the same techniques all the time, and try and dive into the unknown and use some other techniques on his balls.

For example, I've attached a clothespin to the tip of my son's willy before, which was very painful for him, but very funny for me! I once also put a ring around his willy, which kept him hard for longer, and also pushed his balls down, which was perfect to allow me to squeeze them really hard!

Feel free to PM me with stories :-)

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-08-23 13:49:35

Yes I really enjoy hurting my brother's nuts too!

Attaching a clothespin to the tip of his $%!@ sounds like a really cool idea, and I'll have to try that with my brother soon! What sort of ring did you put round him, and how did you get it? I'll have to try it as it sounds really fun, and really painful for him! Have you ever hurt your son's $%!@ instead of his balls?!

Posted by Sophia12 on 2016-08-23 14:29:34

The clothespin on the tip of his willy was really painful for him, but really funny for me! Yes I have hurt my son's willy rather than his balls before! I've smacked his willy with a wooden spoon, and made him get erect and then smacked the tip of his willy with a table tennis bat! The ring I put around his willy was a stainless steel thing I bought, and it fitted nicely around his willy and pushed his balls down a bit, which meant they were far easier to squeeze!! Do you punish your brother's bits when he gets into trouble? I punish my son's bits when he does, and I make sure both his willy and balls pay the price!