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Having fun with my brother's bits

Posted by Mad Woman on 2016-07-24 13:24:38

So, I'm a 14 year old girl and I have an older brother, who's 15. I have seen him naked many times before, but we're both very open with each other about sex and that sort of thing. I have played with him loads of times before too, which is good fun.

Once I gave him a $%!@ for his birthday. It was about 7.30am, and I sneaked into his bedroom to see if he was awake, which he was, and I said 'happy birthday' to him, and then sat on the edge of the bed next to him. Before too long, I noticed he was sleeping in just his boxers (his birthday is in July), and I noticed he had a boner. I started stroking his $%!@ through his boxers, and then he pulled his boxers down and I gave him a proper $%!@ till he blew his load all over the bed sheets! It was good fun, and he said it was the 'best birthday present he'd had all day' to me when we went to bed.

Another day, it was a very warm day in July, so my brother and I had gone down to the beach. My brother was wearing just a pair of blue flowery shorts and a pair of boxers, and we were messing around in the edge of the sea. We were splashing each other with the water, and I accidentally kicked him in the nuts when I was trying to splash the water into him! He fell to his knees in the sea and groaned! I was saying sorry, and told him to get out of the sea. He hobbled across the sand, holding his balls, and sat up against the rocks. There weren't many people on the beach (we live in a small village), and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, told him I was sorry, and then played with his balls through his shorts to make him feel better!

Another time, we were going on holiday, and my brother and I had to sit in the back of the car, and the car drive was about six hours, and my brother was wearing a loose t-shirt, shorts, boxers, white trainer socks and canvas shoes. It was a warm day, and my brother and I were playing around in the back seat, and I moved over and reached down his pants and gave him a $%!@. My brother loved it, but we couldn't make too much noise, or take his $%!@ out of his shorts, just in case my mum or dad found out and told us off!

When we got to the hotel we were staying in, my brother and I went into the bathroom, supposedly to check it out, by I pulled his shorts and boxers down, and knelt down in front of him and gave him a blowjob. He loved every second of it. His hard $%!@ felt very nice in my mouth!

I was telling some of my school friends after our holiday about the size and feel of my brother's $%!@, and they said they wanted to see it. There were about four of us in total, and my parents didn't normally get home till about 6pm, so we all went back to my house, and went into my brother's room, unbuttoned his shirt, took it off, then unzipped his trousers and pulled them and his boxers down, and they all looked at his $%!@ and 'examined' it. They were amused by the length and feel of it, and they were amused with what his balls looked like. It was brilliant because my brother got very hard with so many girls touching his private parts.

Another day, I was having a sleepover with one of my girlfriends, and at about 11.30pm, we sneaked into my brother's room and found he was asleep. He was sleeping in just his boxers, and my friend and I pulled them down and looked at his privates. He had a semi-boner when we pulled his boxers down, but pretty quickly got a full boner when we were playing with his bits! We don't think he woke up, but if he did, he was acting like he was asleep! My friend said she'd never seen a boy's privates before, but she loved looking at my brother's $%!@ and balls!

Posted by Shannon Anonymous on 2019-02-01 16:24:13

how were both of your parents not able to see or know on what was happening and going on the back seat of their car though i mean surely they would have got front mirrors in their car and all that they would of have to do is to look into it see it but luckily you both got away with it though i guess luckily

Posted by Swedberg on 2020-12-03 12:04:40

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