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The Official Mister Poll Forum

Face it. More than half of you are here to create fetish polls in disguise.

Posted by thetrooof on 2016-04-17 23:14:54

Do you idiots seriously think no-one would know that you just want to put your humiliation fetish out there in the open? Or that you're trying to groom kids and not ask them questions that just happen to be extremely specific and private?

Look at the School section. It's a mess.

Kids stopped going to this site about ten years ago. Yet the questions asking kids about what underwear they use/if they like wearing women's clothing/if they like being put in a dunk tank/ if they like [insert random obscure fetish here] are piling up and sitting there and taking over the site. Like a massive pile of $%!@ that's slowly building up.

It's time this site either shut down or got cleansed. It should've died with the 90s.

Posted by little12boy on 2017-08-07 17:03:08

theproof...i totally agree with you about some of the polls and messages on this site..i am all for having some members deleted and barred from misterpoll... tell me more about the school section....