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Problem with the Essay type questions

Posted by whipigorus on 2009-02-15 13:22:44

I have a problem with finding where to read the results of the Essay type questions. The vote counter indicates that people have answered this questions, but I cant seem to find where to read the text of the answers. I looked in my messages and the forums, there is nothing there. Please, can you point me to the exact place of the website where I can see them ? And while I am at this, is it possible for me to see the Essay type answers posted in other polls not created by me ?

Thanks in advance from your user whipigorus
Posted by Mister Poll on 2009-02-15 17:42:54

You need to download your polls full results in order to see fill-in-the-blank and essay answers. Login to your Mister Poll account and view your poll's results page. Near the top, you should see a link that says, "Download full results". Just click that and follow the instructions.

At this time, you cannot view fill-in-the-blank or essay answers from other users' polls.

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