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How can I read the responses to essay questions?

Posted by Biocyte on 2008-10-05 02:24:34


Posted by Mister Poll on 2008-10-05 05:37:10

Essay and fill-in-the-blank questions are currently private, so that only the poll owner can read them. If it's your own poll you want the results for, you can see them by downloading the full results. View your poll's results page and follow the download link near the top of the page.

Posted by Blackninja133 on 2008-10-05 13:09:34

Perhaps this Question should be in the FAQ?

Posted by herprivatepleasures on 2008-11-26 20:24:49

This is a major design flaw. The answers to essay questions should be available to both the polls creator and survey takers online. Downloading them puts the responses in a very difficult to read excel spreadsheet where the answers are truncated and hidden.

This limitation should be upfront and in the FAQs. I would not have wasted two hours creating a poll if I had know of this major limitation.

People, don't waste your time. This application is not ready for prime time. It is merely a vehicle for the site owners to make money by displaying ads.

Posted by Mister Poll on 2008-11-27 03:27:12

The answers should not be truncated, unless you're hitting a limitation in how much data Excel can hold in a single cell. I haven't seen that happen yet, but if you have an example to show me, I'll certainly see if there is anything I can do about it. More than likely, you just need to enlarge the cell(s) within Excel to display more. You can double-click on the boundaries between cells to have it auto-expand.

Just because a site is lacking a feature you would like does not mean it isn't "ready for prime time". It has a great many features and is generally quite stable. Sure, there are always improvements that could be made and new features that would be great. Mister Poll has been enhanced a great deal during it's 10-year history, and it will continue to evolve to better meet everybody's needs.

If you have specific suggestions on how we can improve things, by all means share them.