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Poll Mechanics Ideas...

Posted by RandomQuestion on 2008-08-12 10:28:20

I've made a few polls here and I believe my poll results have been skewed. In other words, I think people who didn't match the target audience (the particular people I want answers from) filled out my poll, and thus corrupted the results of my poll because the results no longer accurately depict the target audience.

I have a suggestion on how this could be corrected, and prevent it happening to anyone's polls anymore.

In "Your Account -> Update your user profile" you could add the following:

  • Age: (DDM)
  • Location: Country: (DDM) State: (DDM based on Country) City: (DDM based on State)
  • Sex: (RBS) Male / Female
  • Sexual Orientation: (RBS) Straight / Gay / Bi
  • Political Affiliation: (DDM)

DDM = Drop Down Menu RBS = Radio Button Selection

And then on the "Create New Poll" page you could add an "Advanced Options" link which would add pollee criteria. For exmple, if you want your poll to be for Men from Arkansas who are over 18, you could set it so that only Men from Arkansas who are over 18 could take the poll, for everyone else it would just load a page stating "Oops! You don't match the criteria for this poll!" and have an automated poll suggestion pointing them towards similar polls.

This would be a great feature for the site and I hope you'll consider it.

Posted by Mister Poll on 2008-08-12 15:52:00

Excellent idea. I've been considering something similar with just gender and age, but it could be helpful to expand it to other demographic questions. I like your "Voter Criteria" mechanics suggestion, too. Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted by RandomQuestion on 2008-09-04 08:21:55

Oh, I've thought of another Voter Criteria, Ethnicity... After all, if I want to know what Asian People think about Jackie Chan, I don't want to have to limit it to just China or Japan...