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Tell sooner me whether I've already voted in a poll

Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-05 22:10:20

I'm going through old polls and voting in them, and I'm having trouble remembering which polls I've already voted in. It's annoying to vote in a poll and click on save only to be told that I've already voted. It would be better to tell me when I open the poll, or better yet, mark the polls in some way on the directory and search screens.


Posted by Mister Poll on 2007-12-05 22:27:31

Interesting idea. Thanks. I'll add it to our list of possible enhancements.

Posted by jimmycool on 2007-12-13 16:12:06

I was going to suggest the same thing. Sometimes a poll is pretty long and you spend a lot of time going through it and then when you finally finish it says you already voted.

Posted by Mister Poll on 2008-05-08 04:12:37

As of tonight, this problem has been fixed! If you have already voted in a poll, you will be told when you visit the poll rather than when you try to submit your vote. You can still get to the poll results or message area.

Posted by Blackninja133 on 2008-05-08 13:41:31

Sweet! I knew you'd finaaly get round to it! :)