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One Small Suggestion

Posted by Bahleda on 2007-12-05 05:51:54

Overall, the new Mister Poll is great - a big improvement in almost every way. There is one thing, though, that I liked about the old design: the blue background. It was just easier on the eyes than all the white. If the background was blue, I think my satisfaction would be complete. When Wattman said in the first thread that he thought the old Mister Poll was "more friendly to the eye," I suspect this is why he thought so. Thanks for your consideration.

Posted by Mister Poll on 2007-12-05 07:28:06

Thanks! I'm glad you mostly like what you're seeing.

We did try to keep a good bit of blue, but people actually complained about the blue background of the old site quite a bit. I tend to agree with you that the blue background is more soothing than white, but apparently people on the whole prefer dark text on light backgrounds. There have been a number of studies that prove it, so I guess those of us that prefer otherwise are in the minority.

Nevertheless, we like the blue and tried to keep it around where we could, without causing too much trouble for those with contrast or color related visual problems. Also, selecting white as the background for questions was a flexibility consideration as well. We may officially support images in certain question types before too long, and white is a better neutral background for things like that than blue.

Once we work through some higher priority items, we are considering a custom template feature. At that point, perhaps we'll be able to offer a light-on-dark theme.

Until then, if you're using Firefox and are handy at CSS, you could always try your hand at whipping up a local recipe with the terrific Stylish addon:


Use at your own risk, though. I'd advise only playing with colors, or you're liable to mess up the site layout. Of course you'll only be messing it up for yourself, and you can always just delete your rules, but still...

Posted by Roboman on 2007-12-25 06:33:05

How do I undelete my information on a poll. I acdidentally deleted all of answers even though I only put a check mark by one of them that was repeated that I was trying to delete. On my women atheletes beauty pagent poll.

Posted by Mister Poll on 2007-12-28 01:32:52

Hi Roboman,

We don't currently have an undelete feature. Once you delete it, it's gone. You'd have to re-add the choices.

I don't recognize edit feature you're describing, though. Our interface for deleting choices does not use check boxes at all. You can only delete one at a time, by clicking the "Delete" link underneath an individual choice. If clicking the link for one choice somehow deleted all of your choices, I'd certainly like to find that bug.

I just tested it myself and wasn't able to make that happen, though. Let me know if you can recall how it happened to you, or even better, if you can do it again ... but with a test poll, this time. :-)