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Futurama Character Poll 2015-02-17
Questions about Futurama characters <img src="http://i.imgur.com/fFuxl4F.jpg" width...
Best Cartoon Series Round 1 Quintaple Overtime 2017-02-14
Which do you like more?
Skin on Daytime TV 2004-04-18
Your opinion is appreciated for my college course!! Thank you in advance. Have fun! REMEMBER: DA...
Family Guy or Simpsons 2004-06-14
Which show do you like better? What's funnier; smarter; overall better show?
The Saved By The Bell Poll 2004-07-08
Questions Related To The TV Show - Saved By The Bell
Telivision's Affect on Teen Sexual Issues 2004-10-18
We see it all the time, everyday the small lit up box sending hundreds and thousands of images fl...
The Ultimate Spongebob Squarepants Poll! 2005-01-07
favorite characters, least favorite, more!
Buffy (Who would win against whom) 2006-06-05
Head to head battles. You decide who would win.
cartoon network vs disney channel 2006-06-12
which channel is better? cartoon network or disney channel
PBSKids ZOOM 2007-01-10
Zoom is a very popular show among kids who watches PBS..channel...
Best Joker Laugh 2009-02-17
WHich Joker Laugh was your favourite?
best Wizards of Waverly Place character 2009-02-21
who is the most awesomest?
Favorite Character in a TV series 2009-07-25
On this poll you select which of these characters from the series in the question is your favorit...
Who's your favorite Pretty Little Liar? 2010-06-15
For #1 Fan-site interaction
Girls (HBO series) Gunged 2014-01-16
New series of HBO's hit television series 'Girls' is on the horizon. Which of the ladies would yo...
GYOB - Gunk Dunk - Gunge Poll 2015-03-23
If you could see someone perish beneath the gunge in the Get Your Own Back Gunk Dunk who would it...
Favourite Little Britian charatcer? 2015-09-16
Favourite Little Britian charatcer?
Favorite TV Show Characters 2015-12-03
Favorite TV Show Characters
Best Cartoon Series Round 3 2017-06-03
Which do you like more?
The sporanos is the greatest TV series ever. who are your all time favourite characters
80's Cartoons!!!! 2002-01-14
I saw most all the other polls on 80's cartoons, and noticed they were mostly geared twards boys....
Your Favorite Cable Networks 2002-03-04
I am wondering what your favorite cable networks are. Thank you for your participation. Feel free...
Sesame Street and the Muppet Show 2002-05-06
These two great shows were the home of many great non-human characters and lots of fun, revisit y...
Simpsons Poll 2003-03-18
A whole poll about the Simpsons! You must be lucky to find this one!
YCDTOTV: You Can't Do That On Television 2003-12-04
You Can't Do That On Television was a Canadian-made kids' sketch comedy TV program which aired ex...