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Greatest TV Show of all-Time Round 3 Double OVERTIME 2016-02-02
Which is your favorite?
Best Cartoon Series Round 2 DOUBLE OVERTIME 2017-05-01
Which do you like more?
Nudity on TV (making fun of) 2004-02-16
It seems like there's just way too much making fun of nudity on TV or the movies. I, personally ...
Angel: Best Season? Worst Season? 2006-07-22
Help me out. I'm planning on getting a season of Angel on DVD, but I'm not sure which to get.
Simpsons vs. Family Guy vs. American Dad vs. South Park 2008-12-27
Answer these simple question about animated television series.
Best Super Sentai series ever made? 2009-07-25
Here it is folks, the ultimate poll. Each of the series of Super Sentai has their own unique valu...
The Secret Life of An American Teenager 2010-02-16
The Secret Life of An American Teenager
Best Sonic Show 2014-01-20
It has been debated among Sonic fans for years: which show of the blue blur is the greatest? Well...
Boom! 2015-08-13
A poll about the new game show Boom! In Boom!, teams of three are asked a series of trivia que...
Best Cartoon Series Round 1 TRIPLE Overtime 2016-12-06
Which cartoon series is the best?
What would you do in West World? 2017-02-23
This is about the HBO show Westworld, and if it was real what would you want to do. Also don't fo...
the t.v series stenfeld has on question i need an answer to, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, GIVE YOUR VOTE!!!
Should Girls Go Topless On TV? 2005-12-17
How come, there can be a topless guy on tv, anytime, with no problem, but girls can't? If girls c...
Buffy VS Charmed 2006-02-21
its been a long time coming. which show is better in different ways?
Best TV show ever 2008-09-10
Best TV show ever
Would you go on Get Your Own Back (Females 16 -24 only) 2009-10-03
If someone wanted to put you on gameshow called Get Your Own Back Which is pre...
Cartoon mixed wrestling 2010-11-07
Just a jokey poll
Favorite Sonic The Hedgehog Show? 2012-03-14
I ask users to pick a show.
Doctor Who Favorites 2013-08-14
Geeks unite (again)! if you like Doctor Who then this is the poll for you! Just pick the Doctor W...
Barmy Broomstick Game (Get Your Own Back) 2014-11-14
If You Was The Adult Contestant On Get Your Own Back (Kids Program) And You Was Playing The Ga...
Drifters (E4 Series) Gunge Poll 2015-03-23
Choose which female member of the main cast for the E4 comedy show Drifters you would most like t...
Greatest TV Show of all-Time Round Finals 2016-07-20
Which is your favorite?
Best Cartoon Series Round 1 Overtime 2016-09-08
Which cartoon series is the best?
Who is your favorite character on "Leave it to Beaver"? 2002-04-01
Choose your favorite "Leave it to Beaver" character!
BuFFy poLL 2005-02-14
<for buffy fans>