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The Big Gilmore Girls poll 2005-04-16
I'm just curious to find out your opinion about one of my fav shows!
Television Nudity and you 2008-05-05
I enjoy nudity and have often been exhibited for fun. If you enjoy nudity please fill this in
Buffy vs Angel 2006-11-05
Choose between certain aspects of Buffy and Angel
Which British female comedian would you most like to see get gunged? 2015-05-19
Choose which British female comedian (or comedian that regularly appears on British TV) out of th...
Walking Dead 7: Who do you think Negan killed? 2016-10-23
<img src=https://s10.postimg.org/pfe6pb6ux/the_walking_dead_season_7_rick_lincoln_michonne.jpg...
Winx Club Poll 231 2013-09-05
A poll of the anime series, Winx Club. The 231 is to distinguish it from other polls
Greatest TV Show of all-Time Round 4 2016-03-02
Which is your favorite?
Would You Rather Family Guy 2010-06-28
A would you rather collection of questions based on family guy [mostly fart-related]!
brother vs sister gunge gameshow 2014-04-07
A brother and sister go head to head on a TV show to get the other one covered in gunge! I have n...
Cowboy Bebop vs Firefly 2018-10-11
Cowboy Bebop vs Firefly
Kelly Monaco Polls 2004-03-07
Polls about Kelly Monaco and the characters she portrays
My Ultimate Degrassi poll 2004-08-03
This poll is all about one of the greatest shows Degrassi:The Next Generation. Thanx for taking m...
Best Ed Edd n Eddy Charather? 2015-03-23
Who's your favourite character in Ed Edd n Eddy?
Favorite "Full House" character 2002-03-11
Please choose your favorite "Full House" character?
Liason vs Jasam 2009-04-30
Liason vs Jasam
Fictional Characters Wrestling II 2014-09-15
More fictional characters engage in mixed wrestling and catfights.
Bra and panties match 2015-04-06
Bra and panties match
Which characters do you like and hate? Choose 5 each.
Trish Stratus strip segments 2009-12-04
Questions about all of Trish's stripping segments
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Poll 2011-06-18
A poll based on the original Power Rangers team.
The Office US vs The Office UK 2011-10-31
The Office US vs The Office UK
Who will win in the battle of Westeros for Season 8? 2016-08-06
<img src=https://s7.postimg.org/9s0s0s6xn/Bl7z_Chk_CEAAFShk.jpg>
Which is your least favorite Vampire diaries character? 2012-04-17
Which is your least favorite Vampire diaries character?
Rules for Teens 2003-02-19
I am 16 years old and I am not allowed to watch many shows and channels such as Mtv, and the simp...
Skins 2010-07-08