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Nudity on television 2001-09-20
Opinions on nudity on TV
Total Drama Series Tickling 2014-04-28
Which of the (attractive) TD girls do you think is ticklish?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Game of Thrones 2018-10-11
Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Game of Thrones
Today's Media: Images Of Female Supremacy? 2003-08-19
Have you noticed that in today's media women are portrayed with an image of superiority?
Who is your favorite Bluth from Arrested Development? 2011-07-09
The Bluth family from the show Arrested Development is made up of some wild characters. But which...
Which show are you most excited to see return? 2016-11-09
<img src=https://s17.postimg.org/4w8bh71zz/image.jpg/> <img src=https://s17.postimg.org...
Cowboy Bebop vs Death Note 2018-10-11
What is the better Anime Series?
The ULTIMATE *Avatar- The Last Airbender* poll!!! 2006-10-24
hi, i noe, i was overly over exaggerating in the title -.-"
Futurama 2005-04-21
favorite Futurama character
Game of Thrones Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting 2017-07-12
Could GOT characters such as Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) & Sansa (Sophie Turner) defeat a male i...
LOST Polls 2005-09-12
Here are some awesome polls about the hit TV series LOST!
Messy Game Show 2011-11-28
Imagine that you've been given the opportunity to create a messy game show in the style of things...
Nudity in Film and Television 2006-11-13
This is a poll to determine peoples attitudes towards nudity in film and television; and what age...
Wrestling/ Fighting Actresses as TV Characters: Alternate Reality Match Up 2016-08-06
Would popular TV actress be able to win a fight or wrestling match while in character? Many o...
seinfeld vs friends 2003-09-28
Between two of the most succesful shows on television which was better?
The Official Buffy: Spuffy VS. Bangel 2006-07-04
Two major, loved, and painful relationships of Buffy's life: Bangel (Buffy & Angel) and Spuff...
Avatar the last airbender ships poll 2007-07-20
I just want to know how many avatar fans support which ship, or if they support a ship. A ship, i...
Fictional Characters Wrestling 2014-08-25
Fictional characters engage in mixed wrestling and catfights
South Park Fandom Quiz 2015-05-19
This is a quiz about South Park pairings and other South Park related questions.
Best Cartoon Series Round 4 OVERTIME 2017-09-02
Which do you like more?
Best and Worst episodes of the Powerpuff Girls 2002-06-18
What are your very favorite PpG episodes? Which are your very least favorite?
Favorite Childhood TV Shows 2017-01-27
Favorite Childhood TV Shows
Favorite character on "Drawn Together" 2005-03-20
Of the eight main characters on the new Comedy Central animated show "Drawn Together", ...
Best Cartoon Series Round 4 2017-08-10
Which do you like more?
Which one of the most recent female coaches is your favorite? 2016-10-27
<img src=http://s13.postimg.org/5w32lp35j/voice_stage.jpg/> NBC's 'The Voice' announces Gw...