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The Essential Inspector Gadget Poll 2006-03-07
The Essential Inspector Gadget Poll is where you can answer just about every question regarding t...
2005-2006 TV Awards 2006-06-01
The best of television
favorite cartoon animals 2006-06-06
this poll is about cartoon animals
TO WAR!!!!!!! 2006-06-07
just come!!!
Hottest Woman of Star Trek? 2006-06-19
All the cast members for all five series are eligible.
the best tv show ever 2006-06-27
the best tv show ever
Sonic the hedgehog 2006-06-29
cartoon network vs nick 2006-06-30
cartoon network vs nick
family guy vs the simpsons 2006-07-01
Whos better family guy or simpsons.
Ulitnate charmed poll 2006-07-04
This a poll about charmed
Teen Titans high-voltage curiousity quiz(huh...?) 2006-07-04
Exactly like the name says, a curiousity quiz for the two stormy brothers of the teen titans, if ...
Everybody Loves Raymond 2006-08-05
This poll is about the television show "Everybody Loves Raymond" so if you've seen the ...
Family Guy- Favorites VS Least Favorite 2006-08-15
Alot of people watch family guy, everybody has a favorite character and a character they don't re...
teen titans POLL 2006-08-19
teen titans
Friends 2006-08-21
pokemon 2006-09-28
What Adult Swim show should be gotten rid of? 2006-10-07
We All Know there are some bad shows on AS, but which one is worth trashing permanently?
What is your favorte cartoon 2006-10-11
favorite cartoon
Superman or Batman? 2006-11-30
Me and my girlfriend have had a dispute over who is better. You decide
Which one of "The Girls Next Door" are the hottest? 2006-12-05
Vote on which of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends (seen on The Girls Next Door) are the hottest!
avatar vs naruto 2006-12-29
whick of these shows kicks the other show's ass
WWE's Hot or Not? 2006-12-31
Rate the diva's on how hot they are!
The Simsons vs Family Guy 2007-02-22
Its those Yellow, little minded Simspons vs the fat and kind of perverted family Guy (people)
Supernatural 2007-04-03
This poll is about the tv show Supernatural
Batman poll 2007-04-24
Once there was a guy named something, and he liked batman so much that he did a poll on it