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Who is hotter: Yvonne Strahovski or Tricia Helfer 2009-03-28
Tricia Helfer guest stars on NBC's "Chuck" next week (March 31). So who do you think is...
Nostalgia TV Poll 2009-10-29
Want to find out if anyone remebers the following shows from the past?
Ultimate Glee Awards 2010-04-29
Ultimate Glee Awards
Tv shows which ones are better 2011-05-02
Which Glee Pairing has more fans? 2011-10-31
Which Glee Pairing has more fans?
Hottest People on 'Total Drama' 2011-12-29
You can pick more than one for each, but try not to unless you have a really hard time deciding. ...
The Big Bang Theory (TV Show) Poll 2012-04-19
The Big Bang Theory (TV Show) Poll
kid on "you can't do that on Television" drinking coffee 2012-11-26
on you can't do that on television one of the weirder aspects of the show was that all the kids s...
Favourite Star Trek Ship Classes 2012-12-18
Which classes are your favourite?
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Poll 231 2013-01-03
A poll about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the My Little Pony that isn't like its third ge...
Kim Possible 2014-02-19
This is my daughters favourite Disney cartoon about the schoolgirl who saves the world on a regul...
Which TV show is the best? 2014-02-25
Which TV show is the best?
Futurama wrestling, round 1 2015-02-17
Futurama wrestling, round 1
Greatest TV Show of all-Time Round 1 Double Overtime 2015-09-08
Which is your favorite?
family guy or south park? 2015-12-05
family guy or south park?
Best Cartoon Series Round 1 2016-08-06
Which cartoon series is the best?
Best Cartoon Series Round 1 DOUBLE Overtime 2016-10-13
Which cartoon series is the best?
The Simpsons Too Violent? 1999-07-12
The Simpsons is a satirical cartoon. Some feel it does not need to be so violent to be so funny....
Who are your favorite PEANUTS characters? 1999-12-17
Charles Schulz has announced his retirement from the PEANUTS comic strip. This most popular comic...
Disney Channel Girls, who's the cutest? and more DIS Chnl ?s 2001-06-24
Out of the Disney Channel Cuties, who is the cutest girl? (Of course they are all cute). Plus oth...
TREKKIES ONLY !!!!! 2001-09-29
This is a poll for Star Trek Fans. I want to her your opinion about the Star Trek series and the ...
Actress vs. Actress (TV) 2001-10-27
Which is better between the match-ups?
Favourite cartoon characters 2001-12-12
I need to know what cartoon characters you like and why you like them?
TV Show vs. TV Show 2002-02-10
Choose the show you think is/was better between the 2 choices.
Worst TV show 2002-04-09
Vote for your most hated tv show.