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Glee character survey 2012-04-10
questions about the characters of glee
Breaking Bad Vs. Game of Thrones 2014-01-16
Which show will come out on top?
Friends Character Poll 2004-08-16
This is so I can find out who the best, the hottest, the funniest and the most irritating Friends...
Who is your favourite Criminal Minds character? 2012-05-29
Who is your favourite character from the hit TV show Criminal Minds?
Who's your favourite Desperate Housewives character 2011-12-05
Who's your favourite Desperate Housewives character
Teen Titans fans, you MUST take this poll!!! 2005-01-11
This poll is for those growing number of Teen Titans fans (which I am part of.)
Green Slime, WAM, and You Can't Do That On Television 2016-05-16
A poll to get to the bottom of You Can't Do That On Television's potential influence on sexual fe...
Do you agree that Negan is the most hated TV Character in the world right now? 2016-10-26
<img src=https://s21.postimg.org/4qx8wlfd3/the_walking_dead_negan_kill_abraham_ftr.jpg/>
The Ultimate One Tree Hill Poll 2006-09-25
Here is a little poll I thought up about one of my favorite shows, 'One Tree Hill'!
The Ultimate South Park Poll 2006-01-06
goin down to south park gonna meet some friends of mine
Monk's Personal Assistants: Sharona Fleming vs Natalie Teeger 2015-03-02
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/pQEbFKj.jpg" width="550" /> Sharona Flemi...
Seinfeld vs Friends vs The Big Bang Theory 2011-05-10
This poll is to show which characters of the same category work best. There won't always be a ch...
Who's the best THAT 70'S SHOW character? 2004-03-27
who do you think is the best character?
One Tree Hill BRUCAS or LEYTON? 2007-06-08
My poll is to she which couple is better on the show
Which is better? Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, or Family Guy 2010-02-04
Which is better? Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, or Family Guy
Is Scrubs homophobic? 2011-06-04
Me and my friend have been arguing a little about whether the tv-show Scrubs (the old seasons, no...
Best Buffy Characters 2002-10-17
I want to know who are your favourite Buffy characters.
Which remaining original character would you most want to have a spinoff? 2016-10-28
<img src=http://s22.postimg.org/5ekn3vw4x/maxresdefault.jpg/> The final season of 'The Vam...
Prettiest Sister 2003-09-29
Who do you think is the prettiest sister?
What show is better? 2012-04-19
Having a debate at work to what show is better. . . .
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Poll 2008-06-04
Buffy Poll
Friends TV-Show Poll 2001-12-06
this poll is about the tv-show friends, just give me some of ur likes and dislikes
Malcolm In The Middle Spankings 2001-11-29
Hal and Lois have some very spankable boys.
The ULTIMATE *Avatar- The Last Airbender* poll!!! 2006-10-24
hi, i noe, i was overly over exaggerating in the title -.-"