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Degrassi relationships 2004-10-04
This poll is about every degrassi relationship in the school.
Best Tv Character 2009-08-03 (closed)
A list of the most memorable tv characters in history
Star Trek;Who's the best? 2003-09-19
Questions about star trek.Charecters.Shows.
Create a TV show! 2002-11-22
Ever wonder what it would be like to create a show of your own? Ever wanted to change your favori...
OZ vs Prison Break 2007-10-26
Which prison show do you think is better?
Best Buffy Episode 2003-10-07
Vote For What You Think Is The BEST Buffy Episode
best doctor from doctor who 2011-11-28
best doctor from doctor who
The Sopranos Girls!!!!!!! 2002-06-10
Vote on whoose the hottest!!!!!!!
Passions 2007-02-26
Passions polls
ANTM cycle 17 All-Stars 2011-05-16 (closed)
ANTM cycle 17 All-Stars
Buffy the Vampire Slayer "boyfriends" 2002-08-12
What do you think of Buffy's boyfriends?
Family Guy or Simpsons 2004-06-14
Which show do you like better? What's funnier; smarter; overall better show?
Queer As Folk USA 2004-09-05
I'm a huge fan of the US Queer As Folk, and I'd like to see what other fans think.
Eastenders Dennis vs Grant vs Jack vs Phil vs Sean 2008-05-16
Who is the bloke the square has ever had
Just a random BUFFY poll really... 2006-05-26
Some random questions bout buffy..
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Best Quotes 2005-03-07
Hey! BTVS has some of the best dialoge I have ever heard! It is just so funny! Here's a poll to s...
Cartoons for the rest of us 2005-10-03
chose you favorites between Simpsons, Family guy, Futurama...
Who do you think will win Survivor Gabon? 2008-09-15 (closed)
Who do you think will win survivor Gabon? voted out as of episode 6: Michelle, Gillian, Paloma, J...
ITV Play - Presenters and Shows 2007-09-14
Who is your favourite ITV Play presenter and what ITV Play show is your favourite?
Dancing with the Stars 7 2008-08-29
Dancing with the Stars 7
T.V. producers have traditionally dropped the ball on what could have been ratings bonanza's.Thin...
hannah montana (haters only) 2007-09-02
Do u think hannah montana sucks big time? me 2
Stargate Sg1 Vs Stargate Atlantis 2005-12-19
I was woundering what people think of these shows.
SYTYCD Candad Top 16 2011-08-08 (closed)
Which top 16 Dancer has the best shot at winning it all?
WWE divas strip poker 2009-12-04
ECW extreme strip poker