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How guys sleep in TV serials vs real live 2002-12-01
On primetime TV serials, it is rare to see a guy sleeping shirtless. Yet the Mr Poll polls indica...
Claudia Corinthos 2009-05-02
Claudia Corinthos
Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Charmed 2010-03-03
Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Charmed
Ultimate Glee Poll 2010-06-16
a pollon glee
American Idol Season 10 2011-03-07 (closed)
American Idol Season 10
SYTYCD - Canada - Top 16 2009-09-13 (closed)
SYTYCD - Canada - Top 16
Friends Poll 2005-04-26
One of the most popular tv-shows ever
What do you think about Greg Pheasant from kid nation? 2007-11-27
What do you think about Greg Pheasant from Kid Nation the first season?
Chibi Vegeta's Poll 2000-06-26
Chibi Vegeta's Poll will contain questions about my site and all three series of Dragonball, a hi...
friends vs seinfeld 2004-12-27
cmon, everyone knows there so much alike, multi sexual friends living in nyc, but which is better.
Do you agree that Negan is the most hated TV Character in the world right now? 2016-10-26
<img src=https://s21.postimg.org/4qx8wlfd3/the_walking_dead_negan_kill_abraham_ftr.jpg/>
Rules for Teens 2003-02-19
I am 16 years old and I am not allowed to watch many shows and channels such as Mtv, and the simp...
Dawson's Creek Alums 2004-12-08
Which creek alum has the most promising future?
Desperate Housewives 2005-04-19
This poll is about the best show ever
The Hottest 2003-10-28
Hot chikzz
Favorite South Park Characters 2014-09-15
Favorite South Park Characters
The TV MegaSite's Charmed Polls 2005-03-16
Polls by Emma! About the TV show "Charmed".
Hottest/Cutest/Sexiest Glee guy? 2011-03-03
So, me and my friends always argue. I find Kurt sexy. Not, jus his look. His attitude, his voice,...
One Tree Hill 2005-02-08
This poll is all about the best show ever created.
SYTYCD - Top 10 2009-12-11 (closed)
Which top 10 contestant will win it all?
Audiences and Soap Operas 2010-05-02 (closed)
This survey is investigating audience's use of soap operas.<br>All information will remain ...
Messy Game Show 2011-11-28
Imagine that you've been given the opportunity to create a messy game show in the style of things...
Favorite Disney Channel Girls 2006-02-24
Choose your favorite Disney Channel Girl?
My Little Pony - May the Best Win! 2013-01-29
My Little Pony - May the Best Win!
South Park Survey 2005-09-23
This is a poll for South Park fans, duh.