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Claudia Corinthos 2009-05-02
Claudia Corinthos
How guys sleep in TV serials vs real live 2002-12-01
On primetime TV serials, it is rare to see a guy sleeping shirtless. Yet the Mr Poll polls indica...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Charmed 2010-03-03
Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Charmed
Ultimate Glee Poll 2010-06-16
a pollon glee
American Idol Season 10 2011-03-07 (closed)
American Idol Season 10
SYTYCD - Canada - Top 16 2009-09-13 (closed)
SYTYCD - Canada - Top 16
Friends Poll 2005-04-26
One of the most popular tv-shows ever
What do you think about Greg Pheasant from kid nation? 2007-11-27
What do you think about Greg Pheasant from Kid Nation the first season?
Chibi Vegeta's Poll 2000-06-26
Chibi Vegeta's Poll will contain questions about my site and all three series of Dragonball, a hi...
friends vs seinfeld 2004-12-27
cmon, everyone knows there so much alike, multi sexual friends living in nyc, but which is better.
Dawson's Creek Alums 2004-12-08
Which creek alum has the most promising future?
Desperate Housewives 2005-04-19
This poll is about the best show ever
Rules for Teens 2003-02-19
I am 16 years old and I am not allowed to watch many shows and channels such as Mtv, and the simp...
The Hottest 2003-10-28
Hot chikzz
Favorite South Park Characters 2014-09-15
Favorite South Park Characters
Do you agree that Negan is the most hated TV Character in the world right now? 2016-10-26
<img src=https://s21.postimg.org/4qx8wlfd3/the_walking_dead_negan_kill_abraham_ftr.jpg/>
The TV MegaSite's Charmed Polls 2005-03-16
Polls by Emma! About the TV show "Charmed".
Hottest/Cutest/Sexiest Glee guy? 2011-03-03
So, me and my friends always argue. I find Kurt sexy. Not, jus his look. His attitude, his voice,...
One Tree Hill 2005-02-08
This poll is all about the best show ever created.
SYTYCD - Top 10 2009-12-11 (closed)
Which top 10 contestant will win it all?
Audiences and Soap Operas 2010-05-02 (closed)
This survey is investigating audience's use of soap operas.<br>All information will remain ...
Favorite Disney Channel Girls 2006-02-24
Choose your favorite Disney Channel Girl?
My Little Pony - May the Best Win! 2013-01-29
My Little Pony - May the Best Win!
South Park Survey 2005-09-23
This is a poll for South Park fans, duh.
Messy Game Show 2011-11-28
Imagine that you've been given the opportunity to create a messy game show in the style of things...