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What's shows are better!!!!!!!! 2007-03-21
Who do you think will win Survivor Gabon? - The Jury 2008-11-02
Who do you think will win Survivor Gabon? The Jury has begun. So here is where you can vote for ...
Who will win Survivor Gabon? 2008-11-15 (closed)
Who will win Survivor Gabon?
Road Rules - MTV 2003-12-01
Another growing viewing show of MTV, Road Rules, which pasts season was your favorite.
So You Think You Can Dance - Top 16 2011-06-30 (closed)
Which top 16 contestant do you think has the best chance to win it all?
What is the best animated character of all time? 2005-03-29
This poll is asking you what the best animated character of all time is. (this includes movie cha...
Suite Life of Zack and Cody poll!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2008-08-07
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is my fav. show on Disney Channel wat do u think about the show? ...
Who will get pregnant? 2011-04-16
Which character on Parenthood will have a 'surprise' pregnancy at the end of the season?
The Ultimate Spongebob Squarepants Poll! 2005-01-07
favorite characters, least favorite, more!
Cartoon Network Future 2007-11-27
The future of Cartoon Network could be totally random! Tell me what you think.
dane cook vs russell peters 2008-11-30
whos better
TREKKIES ONLY !!!!! 2001-09-29
This is a poll for Star Trek Fans. I want to her your opinion about the Star Trek series and the ...
Best shows of 2008 2008-12-19
These are some of the shows I like and I want to know which is best?
south park poll 2007-12-03
south park
WWE 2013-2014 POLL 2013-05-09
questions for this years WWE Franchise
avatar the last airbender favorites 2010-04-02
avatar the last airbender favorites
Laguna Beach Music 2005-12-06
This poll is about all of the music heard on MTV'S Laguna Beach during certain scenes. Enjoy!
The TV MegaSite's Daytime Poll 2007-04-13
POlls about daytime soaps.
Girls would get gunged(16 & over strictly) 2009-07-05 (closed)
Girls would you get gunged
Best Nickelodeon TV show 2012-05-07
Best Nickelodeon TV show
General South Park Poll 2009-06-21
To find out some South Park opinions of MisterPoll viewers.
KASKUS TV AWARDS 2009 | COMEDY SECTION 2009-10-28 (closed)
Serial-Serial Komedi Terbaik di KASKUS TV AWARDS 2009
divas knockous and female celebrities over the top rope battle royal 2011-09-10
pick the clothing each woman will wear during the match
Total Drama Series Tickling 2014-04-28
Which of the (attractive) TD girls do you think is ticklish?
ABC's LOST.... 2005-07-06
This is about the hit show "LOST" on ABC.