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Do you like season 7 of Dr. Who? 2012-12-13
Want to tell the world your opinion of season seven (at least, so far?) Or maybe you just want t...
Favourite Disney channel boy 2012-12-04
Favourite Disney channel boy
You Can't Do That on Television:Complete the scene 2012-12-04
Here you get to be a little creative-I will begin a ycdtotv scene and you describe how you think ...
kid on "you can't do that on Television" drinking coffee 2012-11-26
on you can't do that on television one of the weirder aspects of the show was that all the kids s...
TV Production 3 2012-11-21 (closed)
This survey is an audience research for our TV Production 3 module at the University of Derby. A...
You Can't Do That to Me on Television! green slime and other humiliation 2012-11-17
The show You can't Do That on Television was a bit of a guilty pleasure for kids in the 80's. Man...
The X Factor 2012-11-12
The X Factor USA On FOX
Favorite Tv Show Charactors 2012-11-07
Pick your favorite charactor from each Tv Show!
American Horror Story 2012-10-29
Survey on the horror televison show on FX
Who is your favorite Doctor? 2012-10-26
One question: Who is your favorite Doctor from the British sci-fi television series Doctor Who?
Favorite Science Fiction TV Show 2012-10-15
Favorite Science Fiction TV Show
ru u a regular show fan 2012-10-10
o dont know anymore=)))))
What is your favorite -A message from Season One? 2012-10-10
From the show Pretty Little Liars
What is your favorite -A moment in Season Two? 2012-10-10
From the show Pretty Little Liars.
What is your favorite -A moment in Season One? 2012-10-10
What is your favorite -A moment in Season One?
TVDBLOGAWARD - CHARACTERS 2012-10-01 (closed)
Vote for your Top 5 tvd ships. 2012-09-26 (closed)
Vote for your Top 5 tvd ships.
Buffy vs. Xena - Sexy Fantasy Time Travel Duel 2012-09-14
Buffy - Vampire Slayer (5'3''/1,61 m) vs. Xena - Warrior Princess (5'11''/1,80 m): This is an ult...
Ninja 2012-09-14
All the people who watch ninja shows or read ninja stories or just want to be a ninja!
The Ultimate Friends Survey 2012-09-10
Cheers to everything Friends!
Favourite Pretty Little Liars ship? 2012-09-10 (closed)
Favourite Pretty Little Liars ship?
Who likes Emmerdale 2012-08-28
Is Emmerdale really any good? Simple yes or no answers please UK only
Favourite TV Detective? 2012-08-28
Choose your favourite TV Detective.
TV Action Drama series 80s and 90s - Make up your Best Team 2012-08-28
From the characters from these series: Star Trek:Voyager, Star Trek: TNG, The A-team, Stargate...
Do you like Quantum Leap? 2012-08-20
I'm not from the 90's, but I LOVE Quantum Leap... It's EPIC... But they did cancel the show at...