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wwe the streak 2014-02-11
wwe the streak
What show is better? 2014-01-27
What show is better?
Eastender boys 2014 2014-01-27
Eastender fans you will love this one
Best Sonic Show 2014-01-20
It has been debated among Sonic fans for years: which show of the blue blur is the greatest? Well...
Breaking Bad Vs. Game of Thrones 2014-01-16
Which show will come out on top?
Girls (HBO series) Gunged 2014-01-16
New series of HBO's hit television series 'Girls' is on the horizon. Which of the ladies would yo...
Avatar: The Last Airbender poll! 2013-12-31
What are your opinions on the avatar universe?
Avengers vs. Justice League 2013-12-31
A poll created to see which team and members are more popular among Mister Poll users: Avengers (...
Whats Your Favorite South Park Episode? 2013-12-26
Whats Your Favorite South Park Episode In Each Season?
The Day of the Doctor 2013-12-06
For whovians, want-to-be-wovians and people who saw the day of the doctor!
Your favourite evening chat show? (UK) 2013-12-06
Alan Carr: Chatty Man, The Graham Norton Show or The Jonathan Ross Show?
Opinions of Brian dieing 2013-11-27
What do you think about bran dieing, and Vinny replacing him? (Family Guy)
Ultimate Sons of Anarchy Poll 2013-11-27
Ultimate Sons of Anarchy Poll
Whats Your Favorite Adult Cartoon? 2013-11-12
Title Says All
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 2013-09-13
A poll about Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The un-fan-favorite of the series d...
Winx Club Poll 231 2013-09-05
A poll of the anime series, Winx Club. The 231 is to distinguish it from other polls
My Little Pony villains 2013-09-05
A poll about the five main villains of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Tarak mehta strength test. 2013-09-03
Tarak mehta strength test.
What do you think about the SpongeBob episode "Face Freeze?" 2013-08-26
Have you ever seen the new SB episode "Face Freeze?" It's where SpongeBob and Patric...
Prisoner cell block h 2013-08-26
Prisoner cell block h
Doctor Who Favorites 2013-08-14
Geeks unite (again)! if you like Doctor Who then this is the poll for you! Just pick the Doctor W...
Best Cartoon Tournament (Round 1) 2013-08-12
30 cartoons will compete in a huge tourney, where the winner will be crowned The best cartoon!. ...
Merlin 2013-07-15
I love merlin
Knightmare 2013-06-24
I am obsessed with knightmare, please answer these questions.
My little pony pony friendship is magic song list 2013-06-20
What is the most popular song from my little pony friendship is magic