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Favourite Little Britian charatcer? 2015-09-16
Favourite Little Britian charatcer?
Best TV Show 2015-09-08
Choose which of these is the best show.
Greatest TV Show of all-Time Round 1 Double Overtime 2015-09-08
Which is your favorite?
Robot Wars: House Robots 2015-08-21
They fight and cause carnage whenever they get the chance. They destroy or torture the helpless r...
Boom! 2015-08-13
A poll about the new game show Boom! In Boom!, teams of three are asked a series of trivia que...
Greatest TV Show of all-Time Round 1 Overtime 2015-08-11
Which is your favorite?
Greatest TV Show of all-Time Round 1 2015-07-10
Which is your favorite?
WWE VS TNA 2015-07-10
Which is your favourite company TNA or WWE ??
Grey's Spanking 2015-06-21
Grey's Anatomy has some very Spankable Guys, Who do you want to see get and give one most?
Which TV Show do you like more? 2015-06-03
Which TV Show do you like more?
South Park Fandom Quiz 2015-05-19
This is a quiz about South Park pairings and other South Park related questions.
Which British female comedian would you most like to see get gunged? 2015-05-19
Choose which British female comedian (or comedian that regularly appears on British TV) out of th...
Hercules The legendary Journeys, Best Season 2015-05-19
So which is your favorite Season
Bra and panties match 2015-04-06
Bra and panties match
Favourtie Simpsons family member? 2015-03-23
Homer Marge Bart Lisa Maggie Grampa
Best Type of music 2015-03-23
What's your favourite music genre
Who is your favourite Big Brother UK winner? 2015-03-23
Who is your favourite Big Brother UK winner?
Best Ed Edd n Eddy Charather? 2015-03-23
Who's your favourite character in Ed Edd n Eddy?
Who is your favourite South Park boy? 2015-03-23
Who is you favourite boy in South Park?
The epic South Park poll 2015-03-23
This poll is all about South Park
GYOB - Gunk Dunk - Gunge Poll 2015-03-23
If you could see someone perish beneath the gunge in the Get Your Own Back Gunk Dunk who would it...
Drifters (E4 Series) Gunge Poll 2015-03-23
Choose which female member of the main cast for the E4 comedy show Drifters you would most like t...
Monk's Personal Assistants: Sharona Fleming vs Natalie Teeger 2015-03-02
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/pQEbFKj.jpg" width="550" /> Sharona Flemi...
Futurama Character Poll 2015-02-17
Questions about Futurama characters <img src="http://i.imgur.com/fFuxl4F.jpg" width...
Futurama wrestling, round 1 2015-02-17
Futurama wrestling, round 1