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Rate Disney Shows 2010-08-28
Please rate various Disney shows.
Please Help Me Help the Homeless 2010-08-28 (closed)
Please take this brief survey to help create a TV Series designed to help the homeless in a way t...
Who's Best? 2010-08-25 (closed)
Red Dwarf 2010-08-21
Red Dwarf
Ultimate Total Drama 2010-08-21
All of Total Drama's contestants (yep, even the new ones in Total Drama Reloaded) and new ones wi...
Tv choice 2010-08-21 (closed)
Which tv drama should I watch next
the nanny :) 2010-08-21 (closed)
a poll all about my favorite show! :)
Avatar:The Legend of Korra 2010-08-20
Which kind of horror films do your prefer 2010-08-04
Which kind of horror films do your prefer
Emmerdale Fitties 2010-07-31
Who's the hottest male and female characters in UK soap Emmerdale?
Coronation Street Fitties 2010-07-31
Who's the best looking male and female characters in UK soap Coronation Street?
True Blood 2010-07-29
Interested in demographics of people who watch True Blood.
what would you like in a webshow 2010-07-26
what would you like in a webshow
Old Cartoons VS New Cartoons 2010-07-26
Let's see who can win!
TV Poll 2010-07-14 (closed)
I am trying to see what networks and what kind of shows interest people the most, and please be h...
Do you want ABC News 24 instead of ABC HD? (Australia only) 2010-07-10
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is replacing ABC HD with a 24-hour news channel and I'm i...
Avatar the Last Airbender 2010-07-10
About the avatar
Skins 2010-07-08
Who is your favorite Futurama Character? 2010-07-08
just a poll to see which character in Futurama is the most popular
Favorite TV Series 2010-07-05
Favorite TV Series
LOST - Ultimate 2010-07-05
LOST - Ultimate
The Ultimate CHARMED poll 2010-07-05
Pick your favorites from the show Charmed
Sitcom Spin-Off 2010-07-05
Vote for the spin-off(s) that you consider to be the best of all-time.
Modern Family 2010-07-04 (closed)
Modern Family
SYTYCD - TOP 10 2010-07-01 (closed)
Which top 10 contestant is most likely to win it all?