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What do u think is scarier? 2000-12-20
New and Improved Ultimate Dawson's Creek Poll 2000-12-19
Tell me what you think of one of WB's greatest shows.
X-FILES meets SURVIVOR / week 5 2000-12-18
Hi all you X-Philes, this is an interesting poll for you! It's a blend of CBS's Survivor and FOX...
Who's line is it anyway? 2000-12-03
Just a few questions about the best show ever!!!
Drusilla's Garden's Polls (Buffy/Angel) 2000-11-28
These polls are used in conjunction with the <i>Buffy/Angel</i> character fansite of ...
"Friends" best lookin guy 2000-10-10
Who is the hottest guy? is it Matthew perry, Matt le blanc or david schwimmer
"Friends" 2000-10-10
Who is your fave friend? is it: sexy rachel, Weird phoebe, obsessive monica, ...
The Ultimate TV Poll 2000-09-26
Hello People. Just Take The Poll.
Cartoons 2000-09-25
This poll is to decide the best cartoon.
Charmed Power Poll 2000-09-21
Which Halliwell Power is your favorite?
Favorite Episode from season 1 2000-09-21
tell me what's your fave charmed episode from season 1
Here is the place to vote on almost everything Star Trek, from ships to charecters. This poll wi...
Chandler and Monica 2000-08-15
Chandler and Monica plan to wed?....Will they?....Here is your chance to guess!
Chibi Vegeta's Poll 2000-06-26
Chibi Vegeta's Poll will contain questions about my site and all three series of Dragonball, a hi...
Buffy World Poll #4 2000-06-19
Cast your votes for the latest Buffy World Poll right here!
Buffy Downunder Polls 2000-06-15
Well, here are our Polls, answer what you like but it will help us to get to know the fans out th...
Cyber Team in Akihabara Poll 2000-05-01
<html><bgcolor="yellow">This is a poll about Cyber Team in Akihabara/Akihab...
Buffy World Poll #2 2000-01-09
What's HOT and what's NOT on Buffy The Vampire Slayer!
Who are your favorite PEANUTS characters? 1999-12-17
Charles Schulz has announced his retirement from the PEANUTS comic strip. This most popular comic...
UFO Series Poll 1999-11-30
What do fans think about U.F.O., the series?
Who's your fave Simpson? 1999-10-20
Pick your favourite Simpson!!
Sit Com Death Match: Friends Vs. Frasier 1999-09-07
Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will witness a battle between NBC bedfellows and arch sit-com ri...
Ryoga Hibiki Poll 1999-09-06
Ryoga is the best in all anime shows ever. Now you can prove it with this heavily biased poll!
Buffy World Poll 1999-08-08
Buffy fans vote here!
The Simpsons Too Violent? 1999-07-12
The Simpsons is a satirical cartoon. Some feel it does not need to be so violent to be so funny....