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"Friends" Monica and Chandler Poll. 2001-05-26
This poll is to determine what everyone's opinions on Monica and Chandler are as a couple.
M*A*S*H Favorites 2001-05-21
Questions About The TV Show M*A*S*H
charming men/demons/whitelighters 2001-05-15
We know you love em but who do you love the most and whos the best couple???
HOw many hours a day do you watch TV? 2001-05-12
On a scale from 1-10, 1 being the lowest, how many hours a day do you watch TV?
Buffy and Angel Poll.... 2001-05-05
The best Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel poll ever....
South Park Character Poll 2001-04-26
Who is your favorite South Park Character?
X-FILES meets SURVIVOR / week 7 2001-04-25
Hi all you X-Philes, this is an interesting poll for you! It's a blend of CBS's Sur...
80's cartoons 2001-04-24
wich will be the best 1980's cartoon
Evil Inc. Polls (Buffy/Angel) 2001-04-21
These polls are to be used in conjunction with the <i>Buffy</i>/<i>Angel</i&...
May Charmed Poll 2001-04-21
You know what to do!
Do you DROOLE over dr Drew? 2001-04-05
hey drewbies here's your chance to out rank Susan ;)
The Three's Company Complex Trio Tester 2001-04-01 (closed)
Are you a Three's Company fan? Cast your vote with these polls I have created and see the results...
Your Favourite Rourini Kenshin Character 2001-03-23
I just wanted to know who is your Favourite RK character
MTV shows 2001-03-13
this is to see who likes what mtv shows
Favorite Simpsons Villian 2001-03-11
This is a poll to find which Simpons' character is your favorite villian.
Saturday Night Live (Best of) 2001-03-09
Yeah, I've played around with this and looked at the whole SNL history to test all the fans, so i...
Weather Affects all of us everywhere we go. 2001-03-09
A New Jersey mayor wants forecasters held responsible for dire predictions — like this week's sn...
Whats your favorite TV show? 2001-03-05
This poll's purpose is to find out what TV show YOU like the best.
Favorite T.V. Show 2001-03-05
Hey guys! If you want to vote for your favorite television show, then take this poll. You can als...
March Charmed Poll 2001-03-04
You know what to do
Who is your Favorite Simpson Character? 2001-02-28
Everyone loves the Simpsons, who's YOUR favorite?
the history of the wwf 2001-02-17
this information that i got may shock some views so injoy
Whose Line Is It Anyways? 2001-02-09
What/who are you favorites?
Reality TV Poll 2001-01-27
Questions about the shows that are part of the recent reality TV craze.
Science fiction 2001-01-07
From the '60s Star Trek, to todays Andromeda....there have been fans of all ages and all walks of...