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American Idol 10 2011-03-26 (closed)
American Idol 10
The Amazing race 2011-03-26 (closed)
The Amazing race
Cartoon War All Kinds 2011-03-26
Hope ya like it
American Idol Season 10 2011-03-26 (closed)
American Idol Season 10
Favorite Wwe Diva 2011-03-22
Favorite Diva of all time
Top Gear (BBC 2) 2011-03-20
I am doing a media project at school on TV Shows and would like to find out what people think abo...
TV Quality 2011-03-16
TV Quality
Audiences and 'Lie To Me' 2011-03-12 (closed)
By completing this survey, you give consent to have your results used in a study of how audiences...
American Idol Season 10 2011-03-07 (closed)
American Idol Season 10
Favourite Science Fiction Series? 2011-03-03
What's the best SF TV series? Feel free to add comments.
Zero no Tsukaima vs Shakugan no Shana vs ADDITION :D 2011-03-03
Oh its is a small fight about what season will be done and first finish . . . ZnT or SnS? Ok IDC ...
Hottest/Cutest/Sexiest Glee guy? 2011-03-03
So, me and my friends always argue. I find Kurt sexy. Not, jus his look. His attitude, his voice,...
GMA Pinoy TV vs. ABS-CBN TFC (Jan-May2011) 2011-02-23 (closed)
From top rated pinoy teleseryes, up to the minute newscasts, world class documentaries, and the l...
The Best MST3K Short 2011-02-23
A poll meant to determine the favorite short subject featured on "Mystery Science Theater 30...
Survivor (22) Redemption Island 2011-02-20 (closed)
Survivor (22) Redemption Island
How do you use TV drama 'Lie To Me'? (Pilot) 2011-02-17
This is a pilot study on how audiences use TV drama Lie To Me. Your participation in this study i...
SNL: Best of Series 2011-02-10
Which of the following former cast members/Hosts would you like to see have a best of DVD
Your Favorite Old time TV Show 2011-02-10
Name again. Lol
Happy Days Favorite Character 2011-02-10
Too choose your favorite Happy Days character.
Who is your favourite character from tv and movies? 2011-01-28 (closed)
This poll is to find out your fav character from these brilliant tv shows and movies.
Star Trek vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2011-01-28
Star Trek vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Which famale TV character? 2011-01-25
In each show, which of these female characters do you prefer?
Talk show hosts 2011-01-13
Which ones are better and more entertaining?
What is your all time favorite cartoon? 2011-01-10
What is your all time favorite cartoon?
TV Vampire Poll 2010-12-28
TV Vampire Poll