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Monica and Chandler 2002-02-22
just some questions....
Red Dwarf 2002-02-14
Couple of questions about the best sci-fi/comedy around.
Welcome to Smallville! 2002-02-14
This poll is about the hit TV show Smallville on the WB.
Those '80s Shows 2002-02-12
Here's the "spin-off" to my "Those '70s Shows" poll.
Dark Angel 2002-02-11
Questionaire on what you like about Dark Angel!
The Tribe 2002-02-11
Hi everybody, this is a poll about my favourite series "The Tribe". Please state your o...
Who is Cute 2002-02-11
This poll is about who is the cuter one of spongebob squarepants
TV Show vs. TV Show 2002-02-10
Choose the show you think is/was better between the 2 choices.
Friends: Phoebe & Joey 2002-02-06
I think these 2 should get together. What do you think?
Poll of January 2002-02-04
Feburary Poll - 2002 2002-02-04
You know the drill!
Ross & Rachel 2002-01-31
Okay, we know they're haveing a baby together, but do you think they should get back together?
Favorite TV Networks 2002-01-30
What's your favorite TV Network???
Who would you most like to see axed off Days Of Our Lives? 2002-01-28
It is about Rating your least favorite character on Days of our lives
Passions(Julian Crane) 2002-01-28
Who killed the most hated man in Harmony???
Spongebob Squarepants 2002-01-28
This poll is about the TV show Spongebob Squarepants. If you are a loyal fan take this poll!
What's your fav. T.V. show.???? 2002-01-21
Can't decide on which show to pickas you favorite? Check this poll out, see if you can get the re...
Fav. Cartoon Series..... 2002-01-21
Out of all these lovely choices, which cartoon do you love the most?....
You're never too old 2002-01-15
What's your favourite childhood cartoon?
Japanamation 2002-01-14
this is about animes & stuff
Worst T.V. Shows 2002-01-14
pick the t.v. shows you think are the worst!!!!
80's Cartoons!!!! 2002-01-14
I saw most all the other polls on 80's cartoons, and noticed they were mostly geared twards boys....
Will Angel come back 2002-01-14
Do you think Angel will ever come back to Buffy?
What do you think of Buffy & Spike together? 2002-01-14
Here is where you can vote on whether or not you like Spike and Buffy together.
Haruka and Michiru Poll 2002-01-14
Well heres the poll,Have fun.