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Will Paige be able to convince Phoebe That Cole is a demon? 2002-04-01
Will Paige be able to convince Phoebe That Cole is a demon?
stargate crazy 2002-04-01
do you like stargate sg1......if so please fill in these polls
Most irritating thing in Buffy 2002-04-01
Buffy rules but there are some annoying bits. Which irritates you the most?
:: TV Censorship Survey :: 2002-04-01
well as some of u may know, that i am in year 12..so doing the subject ENGLISH (which is compulso...
Young & the Restless 2002-04-01
Who are your faves on Y&R
The Sopranos Season 4 Predictions! 2002-03-28
Vote on predictions for season four of The Sopranos!
Weekly Poll 2002-03-27
This is a weekly changed poll about the simpsons
Buffy Favorites! 2002-03-27
This poll will allow you to vote on the best and worst things sbout Buffy. The Characterss and Ep...
The Sopranos! 2002-03-27
This poll lets you vote on your favorites from the greatest show on telivision!
Who would you smurf first? 2002-03-27
"Three apples high" kinda makes you hungry, you know?
Felicity's loves 2002-03-27
Who do you think Felicity should choose at the end of the series?
Name Ross and Rachel's Baby 2002-03-21
What do you think Ross and Rachel should name their baby girl on the hit TV show "Friends&qu...
Charming Men 2002-03-20
What do you think of the Men of Charmed?
Who is the greatest game show host of all time? 2002-03-15
Who is the greatest game show host of all time?
Buffy's Boyfriends 2002-03-14
Who does Buffy belong with the most?
Who is the hottest Survivor 2002-03-14
Who do you think is the hottest Survivor?
Favorite "Full House" character 2002-03-11
Please choose your favorite "Full House" character?
Name Rachel and Ross's Baby!!! 2002-03-11
Vote for what you think Rachel and Ross should name their baby on the hit TV show "Friends&q...
Hottest " Friends " female 2002-03-08
The hottest friends female
Buffy plus Spike ? 2002-03-04
In the last epsiode Buffy ended whatever type of a relationship with spike she had do you think t...
Your Favorite Cable Networks 2002-03-04
I am wondering what your favorite cable networks are. Thank you for your participation. Feel free...
Friends 8th season 2002-02-27
Its a poll about Friends in 8th season!
Did you watch the Olympics on TV? 2002-02-27
How much if any did you watch of the olympics>
Blacks in Television 2002-02-27
In honor of Black History Month.
HUGE Real World/Road Rules Poll 2002-02-27
Do you enjoy Real World and Road Rules? Then here's a site for you.