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Martha Stewart 2002-05-13
I can't help it, I'm fascinated by the woman--it's kind of like driving past a car accident, you ...
Seinfeld the great! 2002-05-10
Do you miss the tv show Seinfeld?
Spongebob Quiz 2002-05-10
Do you think you are the spongebob master, if so take this simple quiz to find out how much you r...
Charmed: the tv show 2002-05-10
This is a general Charmed poll.
Muppet love 2002-05-06
Kermit and Miss Piggy: True love?
Roswell 2002-05-06
This poll is to see what the general public's view is on the television series Roswell.
Sesame Street and the Muppet Show 2002-05-06
These two great shows were the home of many great non-human characters and lots of fun, revisit y...
Favorite TV Show 2002-05-06
What is your favorite TV Show? We want to know!
Best New Sitcom 2002-05-05
What is the best new sitcom of the season?
The Bad Girls Poll 2002-05-04
Welcome to "The Bad Girls Poll". It will provide questions about the hit ITV womens pri...
» D U K E S O F H A Z Z A R D « 2002-05-02
Fave Character
"Friends" Vote 2002-05-02
Do you watch the hit show "Friends?" Well we want to know from you who is your favorite...
Top 50 All Time TV Shows 2002-04-29
Here are the top 50 all time TV shows. Which are your favorites?
Just Shoot Me 2002-04-29
Just wanna know what ya think of this show!
TV Shows 2002-04-29
What is your Favorite TV Show?
TV Actresses 2002-04-26
Ok I know this isn't an original idea but it's a fun one. Who's better, actress vs actress. (exc...
Should TVland bring back Emergency! 2002-04-25
Tvland rescentlly took away the 1970's hit show Emergency! should they bring it back?
Charmedpoll2 2002-04-25
Who will Paige and Piper be able to save from the dark side?
Children's Television 2002-04-25
Tell us what/who you prefer if you are familiar with kids TV.
Veggie Tales 2002-04-25
Choose your favorites!
Buffy and season 7? 2002-04-25
What do you think of the past seasons and do you think that upcomming season 7 will be good.
Shakespearean Dinner Theater 2002-04-22
Most people don't realize that Shakespeare wasn't trying to create high brow kind of art when he ...
Muppet Baby Tease 2002-04-22
I always wondered whatever happened to Skeeter, the fabricated twin sister of Scooter, during the...
What is the coolest channel on tv? 2002-04-22
ne1 can vote!
Buffy and Angel 2002-04-15
I know that there are loads of polls on this, but i think that's only because Buffy and Angel are...