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TV channels!!! 2002-08-06
So, how is your TV doing?
Justin Guarini-Total Hottness 2002-08-05
I personally want the theme to be Country.. :) but you decide! :) www.geocities.com/luvdafroma...
Justin Guarini-Total Hottness 2002-08-05
We all know that we want Justin to win.. but who do we really want against him in the final 2?? v...
Favourite Character on "Trailer Park Boys" 2002-08-05
Pick your favourite character from the television show "Trailer Park Boys", seen on Sho...
British Television 2002-08-05
A poll about the five main British TV channels.
Poll for "Smallville" fans! 2002-08-02
Here are just a few questions about the show "Smallville", and I'd like to see your res...
Justin Guarini-Total Hottness 2002-07-31
Vote here and get your voice heard! I will be posting the results later on my site! www.totalho...
Who will be the next American Idol? 2002-07-29
Does this show suck or rock? And what about the contestants? Who will win and who will be voted...
Law and Order Trivia 2002-07-17
How Well Do You Know Your Law and Order?
Simpsons bonanza! 2002-07-15
D'oh! The simpsons is the longest running cartoon show. And one of the best.
Favorite Cosby Show character 2002-07-15
Who is favorite character on The Cosby Show
Favorite Gilligan's Island character 2002-07-15
Who is your favorite character on Gilligan's Island?
Favorite All in the Family character 2002-07-15
Who is your favorite character on All in the Family?
Favorite Andy Griffith Show character 2002-07-15
Who is your favorite character on the Andy Griffith Show?
Favorite Brady Bunch character 2002-07-15
Who is your favorite character on The Brady Bunch?
Favorite 7th Heaven character 2002-07-15
Who is your favorite character on the TV show 7th Heaven?
A Gilmore Girls Poll 2002-07-15
I don't watch alot of GG, but what the hell. Might as well make this!
MAD TV 2002-07-15
What are your feelings of the FOX Sketch Comedy show known as "MAD TV"?
Passions 2002-07-14
This is for viewers of the daytime soap opera, Passions.
Western TV Shows and Action Figures 2002-07-13
What were your favorite Western TV Shows and action figures? If you want me to add any TV shows o...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2002-07-09
Welcome to the unofficial Buffy The Vampire Slayer Poll.
cartoon network question 2002-07-07
This is to find what show you like best.
Buffy 6th Season Awards 2002-07-04
The 2nd annual award show now begins! Please vote!
Cartoon Cartoons 2002-07-03
the best of Cartoon Cartoons
Bad Girls 2002-06-30
On this poll ther are many questions about the wonderful ITV's Drama Bad Girls